American Bridge Trackers Following Scott Wagner

American Bridge Trackers Following Scott Wagner

American Bridge Trackers Following Scott WagnerBy Scott Wagner

When I announced that I was running for Governor of Pennsylvania, I knew Tom Wolf and the left would throw every dirty trick in the book at me.

If I’ve demonstrated anything during my write-in campaign and subsequent three years in the PA State Senate, it’s that I have zero tolerance for thugs who think they can harass, intimidate, and bully me into backing down.

Since announcing my candidacy, state and national Democrats have been sending one to two trackers to every event I attend. They know I am the biggest threat to their Kingdom.

For those who do not know what a “tracker” is, it is an individual who is hired by the opposition to video a candidate’s every move with the intent to get them on camera saying something that can be taken out of context and then later used in a negative attack ad.

O, May 2, I was scheduled to speak at a private event on private property.

A Democrat tracker gained entry to the event under false pretenses.

The tracker then recorded the conversations at this private meeting without the consent of those in attendance. Consent is required by Pennsylvania law before a conversation can be recorded.  As a public official I am used to being recorded, but no one else in that room had consented to having their discussions with me recorded by the tracker.  To the contrary, they thought they were attending a private event.

When it became clear that the tracker would not stop recording and leave the event, I took the initiative to remove the camera until the police could arrive. I requested that the Country Club of York call the police and escort the tracker from the premises.

The tracker’s employer, American Bridge, is a leftist political organization that is a tool of the Obama and Clinton machines.

American Bridge is financed by a who’s who of liberal donors, including the Democrat Party’s sugar daddy, billionaire George Soros, who contributed one million dollars in March of 2016.

Click on the following link to view a list of some of their donors:

American Bridge’s mission is to disrupt conservative gatherings and intimidate Republicans – just like they attempted to do  this past Tuesday.  I’m not afraid of them, and I will not allow them to disrupt my events and intimidate my constituents and supporters.

American Bridge is welcome to send their trackers to my public events and record every word of my no-nonsense, conservative message.  I hope they distribute it far and wide because it’s a message that is going to win the Governor’s office back for the people of Pennsylvania.

What they are not welcome to do – and what I will not allow them to do – is trespass on private property, gain entry under false pretenses, intimidate my constituents and supporters and record them without their consent.

My candidacy makes Governor Wolf’s campaign, state and national Democrats very nervous, because they believe I pose a critical threat to the future of their regime. On that point, they are right.

For too many years liberal politicians have been cheating the people out of their hard earned money, while allowing special interests to control our government. One of the reasons I’m running for Governor is to end that culture, and trust me, I will not back down.

It should be no secret to them that I am not going to be intimidated.

American Bridge Trackers Following Scott Wagner

2 thoughts on “American Bridge Trackers Following Scott Wagner”

  1. I’ve been saying this since they played gotcha with Romney and tried the same with Trump.

    A champion of privacy rights is a quality necessary for leadership in the USA.

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