Andy Rubin Sex Ring Alleged

In the latest chapter of depravities of the rich and progressive, we learn that Android co-founder Andy Rubin’s ex-wife Rie Hirabaru Rubin is seeking to annul a pre-nuptial agreement she signed before their 2009 marriage on the grounds that Andy was running a sex ring during their marriage among other things.

Andy allegedly paid women hundreds of thousands of dollars to be “owned” by him. Among their tasks were servicing other men so that Andy could either watch or join in for threesomes.

Andy was also a top dog at Google until he was forced to flee with a $90 million comp package in 2014 after a female co-worker accused him of forcing her to perform on him oral sex in a hotel room.

That’s sodomy, by the way, and yes it is a crime. Guess being a Google exec gives you a $90 million get-out-of-jail free card.

Android is the best selling OS for smart phones. These guys are our moral arbiters or are at least trying to be.

Andy Rubin Sex Ring Alleged
Andy Rubin Sex Ring Alleged

3 thoughts on “Andy Rubin Sex Ring Alleged”

  1. You can be sure his wife knew ALL ABOUT his proclivities before they “hooked up” in marriage and was just playing her “divorce and have it my way” card. The women on the left are MORE perverse, MORE deceptive, and MORE creepy than the men. That’s why most of those black bandanna face mask wearers are FEMALE.

    1. Honestly, David Smith, I think women in general, whether liberal or conservative can be more perverse, deceptive, and creepy than men.

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