Angry Dems Leave Kane Hearing

Philadelphia Democrat (i.e. union tool) Mike O’Brien of the 175th District attempts to disrupt today’s impeachment hearing of Attorney General Kathleen Kane led to his physical removal which led to a walk-out by O’Brien’s fellow Democrats.

The hearing is chaired by Daryl Metcalfe (R-12) who is investigating whether Ms. Kane violated her oath of office to squelch investigations into prominent Democrats and her failure to uphold the state’s marriage law.



Angry Dems Leave Kane Hearing


Angry Dems Leave Kane Hearing

2 thoughts on “Angry Dems Leave Kane Hearing”

  1. Sad thzt one of our original states is so lacking in common sense. Where is Ben Franklin and all those honest Quakers?

  2. Democrats on Tuesday walked out and boycotted an impeachment hearing for Attorney General Kathleen Kane when the GOP chairman asked House security to remove a Democratic lawmaker who repeatedly suggested adjourning the hearing.

    Oh, if they’d only stay out until Christmas.

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