Another Death At Delco Prison

Another Death At Delco Prison — Broad + Liberty has revealed another death at Delaware County’s (Pa) George W. Hill prison.

It occurred Feb. 12 and the victim was a 25-year-0ld African American. The cause was complications from a gunshot that occurred before his incarceration.

The county would not respond to questions about the care he was receiving, or if he had been making any medical complaints.

This is the fourth death since the county took over day-to-day management of the facility in April. The prison had been privately run for three decades.

A prison inmate killed his cellmate by strangulation in April.

In June, two inmates died by suicide days apart. It was the first time the facility witnessed two suicides in the same year since 2015. The county has not released any information on those two deaths.

There was a non-fatal stabbing in January, albeit the victim required hospitalization.

The prison no longer disclosing its monthly staffing rates which had been routinely disclosed under private management.

The county also recently denied the release of the final report by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections from the scheduled inspection of the prison last fall, designed to make sure the facility is meeting minimum requirements of state law.

The prison budget has increased from just over $48 million in 2019 to $55.7 million in 2022 despite a lower incarceration rate.

Another Death At Delco Prison

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