Anti-War Rally Shows New Alliances On Both Sides

Anti-War Rally Shows New Alliances On Both Sides

By Bob Small

“I get what they are saying: ‘Hey, I want to stop nuclear war, but not with those people’.” — Jimmy Dore

The Feb. 19  “Rage Against the War Machine” demonstration in Washington, DC, was a unique blend of  viewpoints of different speakers, some of whose only shared belief is an anti-war stance. A few of the more well-known speakers were Tulsi Gabbard, Dennis Kucinich, Dr. Ron Paul, Dr. Jill Stein, Chris Hedges, and Roger Waters.

A complete speaker list can be found here and be aware of the subtexts of the speakers.

The Daily Beast covered one of the five total counter-protestors

The Militant, (the Socialist Workers Party), was pro Ukraine  and against the rally.  Militant editor John Studer went to Kyiv in 2014 and was pro Mauidan.

Amanda Moore of the Turtle Diaries seemed upset that she even had to cover this rally, let alone try to be objective.

The New American included a quote from Dennis Kucinich: “Our country used to lead the world in producing steel, cars and ships. Now we lead the world in making enemies.”

Rainer Shea refers to a time when “the US empire vanishes altogether” and to “a post-American world”.

Cara Castronuova is a co-founder of Citizens Against Political Persecution (CAPP) who lists the 10 demands of the rally. She ends her article with a quote from Philippians 4:13 (“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”).

The Patriotic Socialist Front thought the rally was a “fantastic success”. 

Hopefully we’ll create peace in Ukraine as gracefully as we left Afghanistan. That was sarcasm.

The final words are from my friend and fellow Swarthmorean Carol Kennedy, who attended the rally.

“One thing I loved about it was that it brought together people who oppose unnecessary wars and the military-industrial complex despite their other political differences.”

Anti-War Rally Shows New Alliances On Both Sides

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