Anything To Stop Healthcare

According to Democracy Now,
Republicans in the House are quite upset because the Senate Leader
refuses to call a session to vote on the idea put forward by
Republicans, that threatens to shut down the government if
Obama-care, a health care system that would give the opportunity to
those who were cut out because of pre-existing conditions, the poor,
the lower middle class and working class and millions of working
poor, to purchase insurance, and would make it almost impossible for
bankruptcy to result from large hospital bills.

I must say, during my lifetime, I have
never before seen one part of the government resort to extortion and
holding the citizens hostage, or using them as human shields, to
overturn an initiative voted for and passed by the House and Senate
and signed into law by the President of the United States. This
great turn around, in fact, is after most of the Republican
Representatives and Senators signed onto the bill on the condition
that it would slowly fade in beginning 2014.

Now the U.S. has become the laughing
stock of most of the world. Everything that we stood for in the past
has been turned upside down. We work to export democracy and the
democratic process throughout the world as those who tout democracy,
and who claim to be Christians, do whatever they want to against the
will of the people to keep people poor and destitute without the type
of healthcare that almost every industrial nation (I can’t think of
any that doesn’t), has.

We are being pushed backward and the
heritage of the United States…the True Heritage, is being stolen by
the ones who have pledged to preserve it. This heritage can be seen
in the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United
States, the Gettysburg Address, and on the plaque on the Statue of
Liberty. The belief and application of these values are the only
thing that ever made us exceptional. They are the only things that
differentiated us from most of the western world. They will soon be

I just pray for our children and their
children as this country erodes into Neo-feudalism and all of those
who wasted their time and energy fighting against true exceptionalism
by trying to push us back to a time of Pre-civil War mentality and
block others from partaking of the opportunities afforded us by this
great nation. For this is what will ultimately bring about the
destruction of this nation and will garner curses and hatred from our
descendents because we didn’t stand up when it was the time and
protect the heritage of our own. Who are our own. Every citizen is
our own.

2 thoughts on “Anything To Stop Healthcare”

  1. Health insurance is not synonymous with health care. Fewer doctors seeing more patients — which is what is happening and will continue to happen — means less health care for everybody, unless you happen to be so filthy rich or connected you have access to doctors outside the system.

    And lower monthly premiums (for some) but much higher deductibles actually means more expensive health care to boot.

    You are quite right to be concerned about neo-feudalism but there is a reason that counties around Washington D.C. are the richest in this country (and the world) despite not being significant places of invention, manufacturing, agriculture or mineral wealth. When a “royal” seal can be used to take labor and material from others via the threat of force, and the seal is used to do so to increase the wealth and power of those who wield it, then you have feudalism.

  2. We as a nation are being divided. Companies and corporations are downsizing with layoffs, small and mid-size business are just surviving but not hiring while most people who have money are sitting on it. The haves wish to continue to “have” what they have earned but without jobs the have-nots etal are going to be a burden to this country. There was a time when family helped their own…government stayed out of the way. Do you seriously believe that the US government is going to run healthcare better than the current system? The IRS alone lost $67,000,000 somewhere and can’t seem to find it. The “Federal Reserve” is printing money like mad and the wall street crowd is taking the money being given them and banking it away. You’re an idiot if you think the “affordable healtcare act” is anything but affordable.

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