August 2014 First In 823 Years

This month counts five Fridays, five Saturdays and five Sundays. It is the first time this happened since 1191 and won’t happen again until 2837.

At least according to the internet.

Regarding the Chinese good luck thing, well, August is really not part of China’s traditional calendar albeit the nation has adopted the Georgian calendar as its official one.

August 2014 First In 823 Years


August 2014 First In 823 Years

3 thoughts on “August 2014 First In 823 Years”

  1. “The Internet” is wrong about this about four different ways. First off, this *didn’t* happen in August 1191 (that month began on a Thursday) nor will it happen in August 2837 (will begin on a Saturday).

    Second, this is the *third* time just in the 21st century (which has not completed its 14th year) that August has looked like this. It happened in 2003 and 2008.

    Third, including all 31-day months, there is a month with this pattern almost *every* year. See March of 2013 and May of 2015, just for two examples.

    Fourth, as you noted, the Chinese have traditionally used a different calendar, which has no concept of “August”, “Friday”, “Saturday” or “Sunday”.

  2. The civil calendar in much of China is the Han calendar, which is a lunisolar calendar. It is used for selecting the day of a wedding or funeral, for opening a venture, or a relocation.
    It never happens on Friday the 13th.

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