Ballot Measures 2Y 2N On May 18

Ballot Measures 2Y 2N On May 18

By Donna Ellingsen

I feel like Paul Revere right now, and deeply alarmed.  I’ve been sharing the information attached, to everyone in Pennsylvania, and it’s giving me nightmares.  This issue is of supreme importance, so it really needs to be widely shared.   

I am attaching my more detailed explanation on the measures on the May 18 ballot, as well as a short explanation from the Lehigh Valley Tea Party Patriots, and the new one received from Allegheny County. 

I’m happy to announce that the patriots in Allegheny County as well as in Berks County have also confirmed that they are recommending a NO vote on Ballot measure #3 and #4, after I talked with their members.  Bucks, Erie, Lancaster, as well as other patriot groups are in agreement as well.  Patriots all over PA will be pushing this 2 YES’s and 2 NO’s vote.

Again, most, if not all of those who signed the infamous Act 77 Mail-in balloting, are also pushing this 3rd measure.  These RINOs are telling everyone that this was a “throwaway”  “feel-good” measure to get the Democrats on board to push the two first emergency measures.  But Republicans have the majority in the legislature to push for a referendum without having Wolf veto it.  It is a Trojan Horse.  It’s to the point that I consider any politician pushing this deceitful measure to have been co-opted or willing participants in the Deep State Harrisburg swamp, who are now revealing themselves.  And they are now in agreement with the Democrats who are pushing #3 and #4 (see below).  

Saying that the Republicans will be seen as racists is nonsense.  It’s the same battle that we are fighting in Congress at the federal level against the so-called “In(Equality)” bill HR 5 which is so dangerous.  

So many of the GOP State reps and senators are sending out flyers, etc. saying vote 3 yes’s and the county chairs are putting it out on their websites.  I’ve never seen such a push regarding any ballot measure like this, with any past ballot amendment.  There is something else going on behind the scenes, and just the fact that the Dept. of State is taking such pains to explain that this amendment to the PA Constitution will supersede both the US Constitution and Federal laws, is very alarming.  Consider the push by many leftists who want to suspend the US Constitution, Fauci being only one of many, and the push for a “Convention of States” (another false flag):  Fauci Believes the Constitution Should be Suspended | Armstrong Economics

And then there’s this article which just came out:

Ballot Measures 2Y 2N On May 18
Ballot Measures 2Y 2N On May 18
Lehigh Valley Tea Party sample ballot
Ballot Measures 2Y 2N On May 18
Democratic Party sample ballot

Ballot Measures 2Y 2N On May 18

3 thoughts on “Ballot Measures 2Y 2N On May 18”

  1. It’s tempting to vote for #3 because people with light skin are being shamelessly discriminated against by Pennsylvania’s government-corporate complex and the wording of this amendment should in a sane world end this.

    This should not be occurring now, however, under existing federal and state law and the reality that it is shows the deep corruption that exists in the government-corporate complex that has acquired such corrupt power.

    So the concern is that the amendment will likely provide new excuses for discrimination rather than ending it, especially with non-citizens — for who discrimination is often appropriate — and even more especially for non-citizens who are here illegally and for who discrimination is necessary.

    We are voting no.

  2. Article V Convention of States is a “false flag”. What does that even mean? Calling for COS is the bulwark We, the People were granted in the Constitution to take on a tyrannical federal government.

    I am voting Yes, Yes, No, No and I also support the Convention of States for fiscal responsibility, term limits and limited government.

    We liberate #Pennsylvania Mat 18, 2021!

  3. If you are not registered Republican or Democrat, you can still vote on the 4 questions that are on the ballot. Just go up to the poll worker and ask for a non-partisan ballot. The ballot will only have the four questions on it.

    Please vote YES for the first two, which address the governor’s ability to call for emergency mandates. Vote NO for the 3rd and 4th.

    It is so important to vote Yes on the first two so we can stop Gov. Wolf in his tracks and free our state.

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