Bartos And Sean Gale Also Seek GOP Senate Nomination

Bartos And Sean Gale Also Seek GOP Senate Nomination

By Bob Small

Jeff Bartos, the 2018 GOP lieutenant governor candidate, has quite a resume but very little traction, polling less than 10 percent in the latest tallies.

He helped initiate the Pennsylvania 30-Day Fund a non-profit that raised millions to provide  forgivable loans to small businesses affected by Covid 19 closures. This was inspired by the Virginia 30-Day fund, started by Pete Snyder.  There is nothing comparable in any the resume of any of the other Senate candidates.

He previously worked for the Mark Group and Toll Brothers, in the real estate market.

Bartos And Sean Gale
Jeff Bartos

He has a law degree from the University of Virginia.

He has attacked three of his competitors, David McCormick and Carla Sands, as “political tourists” with questionable recent connections to Pennsylvania. He claims to have the most in-state donors of any of the GOP Senate Candidates.

John Fetterman, to whom he lost to in 2018, encouraged him to run for Senate and called him “ a really great dude who would elevate the conversation in Pennsylvania.”

Sadly, this bi-partisanship is seen by some as a defect.

Sean Gale is the brother of Joseph Gale, who is running for governor.

He is barely polling, as is Joseph Gale in his race. This is certainly not the Galeforce meant to shake up the state.  Part of his campaign strategy has been to attack candidates Kathy Barnette and Jeff Bartos, along with incumbent Pat Toomey on his campaign website.  Among other charges, he has called Toomey “Specter 2.0”

Bartos And Sean Gale
Sean Gale

He has specifically criticized Jeff Bartos for giving donations to Democrats, though the last one was 2014. Note: though his wife, Sheryl, gave contributions until 2016. He specifically called Bartos a RINO, a charge that has been thrown around quite a bit.

Sean Gale is a graduate of Villanova Law School.   

Among other campaign issues, he has said he would prioritize repealing the Affordable Care Act but would seek a replacement system and also supports tax breaks for businesses and individuals.

Bartos And Sean Gale

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