Bathroom Bill Back Or Scott Wagner How Could You?

Bathroom Bill Back Or Scott Wagner How Could You?
How could you, Scott Wagner?

Bathroom Bill Back Or Scott Wagner How Could You? — An attempt to make “gender identity” and “sexual expression”  civil rights is again being made by the Pennsylvania General Assembly, via SB 613.

The bill would allow men to use ladies rooms if they say they are feeling like a woman. It would allow boys to compete on high school girls sports teams and share their locker rooms. It would be one more obstacle for small business owners in dealing with disruptive or unsatisfactory employees.

It’s bad, pointless unnecessary legislation and very bad politics especially for those who want to be governor, Scott Wagner. Wagner, of the 28th Senatorial District, is one of the sponsors.

Target stock is tanking after it loudly instituted an “inclusive” restroom policy. It’s a rather under-reported story. The loss of shoppers is not due, or entirely due, to a boycott by religious people. It’s mostly because people — especially women — don’t want to frequent creepy places where they feel discomfort and tension. If that’s how the vote is being made with pocketbooks how does one expect votes to be made with votes?

The bill’s prime sponsor is Republican Patrick Brown of the 16th District.

Bathroom Bill Back Or Scott Wagner How Could You?

7 thoughts on “Bathroom Bill Back Or Scott Wagner How Could You?”

  1. I’ll still vote for Wagner for governor. His financial conservatism is more important to me.

      1. Paul Mango is the other declared candidate. He deserves a look

        And here is a list of potential candidates, which includes Lou Barletta.,_2018#Republican_primary

        I’ll grant it also includes Pat Meehan and Charlie Dent and I’d vote for Wagner in a heartbeat over either of those.

  2. I sent a e-mail to Sen. Wagner as this was announced at the Berks County Patriot Meeting last night.
    I ask that he remove his name from SB 613.

  3. Let us strive to elect bright, normal people who believe in term limits to represent us in governmenmt.

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