Bernie Comfort Quitting Contest

Bernie Comfort Quitting Contest — Bernie Comfort is quitting the race to replace disgraced Val DiGiorgio as Pennsylvania Republican chief leaving a clear field for Lawrence Tabas.

Bernie Comfort Quitting Contest???
Bernie out??

It isn’t surprising considering how it broke yesterday that while vice chair she ignored complaints from young Republican women concerning the Grand Old Party’s dashing Valentino. The PoliticsPa poll has Bernie in third place at just 6 percent behind Tabas at 58 percent and Ted Christian at 32 percent.

 The vote  will be broadcast live on PCN at 1 p.m.

By the way, have you seen where Stradley Ronon has removed Val’s page? Brutal, Val. Brutal.

Update: A joint statement by Tabas and Ms. Comfort says Ms. Comfort will remain vice chair and serve as President Trump’s campaign chair for Pennsylvania. See image below.

Bernie Comfort Quitting Contest
Bernie Quitting Contest

3 thoughts on “Bernie Comfort Quitting Contest”

  1. Thanks again, Bill, for keeping us posted on this. For the sake of an open, honest Republican Party in PA, let’s hope Larry Tabas is elected– marking the beginning of a clean-sweep of ALL whose egos or lack of capability were manipulated to ensure they filled the ranks of lower level leadership and the long lines of potential candidates for office. Time for fresh faces and competence on all fronts! In some (how many?) places, “the old guard” was committed ONLY to doing the bidding of the shadow elite (you’ll know “the old guard” by the number of photos they display with themselves and “important people”, vice evidence of personal achievement). This organization needs the professionalism, transparency, and commitment to country that Larry Tabas will bring.

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