Bill Shuster Primaried

Congresssman Bill Shuster, who has represented Pennsylvania’s 9th District since 2001, is going to be again primaried by businessman Art Halvorson according to Bill Shuster Primaried

Halvorson took Shuster on in  2014 Republican race getting 35 percent of the vote to Shuster’s  53 percent. Also running was Travis Schooley who got 13 percent.

Former GOP U.S. Senate candidate Tom Smith had expressed interest in a primary challenge to Shuster but had to drop out due to health reasons. Halvorson, who was backing Smith this go around, said he would step in for another shot. He is dedicating this race to Smith says PoltiticsPa.

Shuster is embroiled in a scandal, namely he was caught dating an airline lobbyist last April. Shuster chairs the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

Shuster replaced his father, Bud, in a special election in May 2001. Bud Shuster has represented the district since 1973.

Bill Shuster Primaried

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