Blame Democrats For Sunoco Closings

Sunoco announced, Sept. 6, that it will be closing its refineries in Philadelphia and Marcus Hook next July if it can’t find a buyer for them. Blame Democrats For Sunoco Closings

Sunoco CEO and Chairman Lynn Elsenhans said the refineries have lost $772 million since 2009, which not coincidentally is the first year of the Zerobama Administration.

It will be unfair to pin all the blame on President Zero, however. First year Congressman Pat Meehan, a Republican, has been practically screaming that this was going to happen since he took office, Jan. 3, while his Democrat predecessor Joe Sestak; and Democrat Chaka Fattah, whose 2nd District includes the Philadelphia plant; and Democrat Bob Brady, whose 1st District borders both facilities and includes many of the workers, have been silent partners in Obama’s plan to wreak economic ruin when they were not loudly marching in lockstep with it.

So blame the Democrats and remember to shake the hand of Meehan, who has still not surrendered on saving the plants.

By the way, the massive new unemployment that will result from the closings — the Marcus Hook plant has about 600 workers while the facility in southwest Philly has about 800 — may not even be biggest problem. What does one do with 2,200 idle acres of tanks, towers and hazardous waste?

The Philadelphia plant is 1,400 acres while the Delaware County facility weighs in at 788.

And let’s not forget how the loss of the property tax revenue is going to affect Marcus Hook Borough, the  Chichester School District and the City of Philadelphia.

And for those of you who do claim to care about the environment, do you really think it better that our oil be refined in Nigeria and Venezuela rather than Pennsylvania?

The Marcus Hook plant is where NASCAR racing fuel is produced.

Blame Democrats For Sunoco Closings

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  1. Good riddance to toxic rubbbish. For years, the building trade unions of Philadelphia had a FREE ride in those refineries. I remember too many shutdowns where guys earning $2,000 a week in take home, would be told to hide behind an oil tank or sit in the trailer, playing who can snort the longest line of cocaine, the length of a picnic table and not collapse. Then the union guys would bring the dirty stinking GoGo Tricks from Jerry’s Corner on the job to entertain the men, with sexual favors once they got paid of course. How many alcoholics and drug addicts were strung out on the job? Let’s not forget JJ White, Inc. buying stock in the oil refineries to secure contracts over the decades. JJ WHite made a ton of money shaking down travellers, making them pay weekly to keep their job, numerous ghost workers and ghost payrolls were created. There was a time keeper, when union members would be laid off, he kept cutting checks in their name that he was cashing at the local bar. Did JJ White, prosecute this guy, of course not. That money was going in their ppocket and some union officials. How many union Business Managers received kickbacks just because from the oil companies, but also to freeze union members wages. When that refinery was the Gulf and the worst Mayor of Philadelphia, Frank Rizzo along with his brother and fire commissioner let the fire in the refinery spread to keep the unions there, because the Gulf was trying to get the unions out of there. That fire created a ton of overtime (3 shifts of doubletime overtime) and decades of work for the unions. Then a Local Union 420 Steamfitter whose name escapes me, caused that fire because he was smoking in a non-designated area. A laborer was killed when a manhole cover blew out and crushed him. Was that LYING bum charged with murder, NO. He filed a multi-milion dollar lawsuit which Sunoco settled for $2 Million. Damn the fact that he was burned, he did not deserve that money. Now that these union members have mortgages based on overtime, $3,000 a month, lets see them manage all their bills on unemployment. They’ll

  2. “It will be unfair to pin all the blame on President Zero, however.”
    Damn right! The whole world knows it’s Bush’s fault.

  3. Kudos to Pat Meehan. From day one he has been working hard to keep Sunoco open. There will be a devastatingly negative impact on Southeast PA if plants in Marcus Hook and Philadelphia close. President Obama pretends he cares about jobs (non-government?) but he allows rogue agencies like the EPA to bully companies into closing down by making it impossible for them to justify making the heavy investments necessary to comply with the EPA’s unreasonable regulations such as, requiring Sunoco to heat their waste water two degrees higher for the pleaasure of the fish. I’m not pro-union but I feel very sorry for these refinery people. They won’t find work they are suited for and many may lose their homes. Nevertheless, I bet they’ll still pull the Democrat lever next year even though Obama and his ilk won’t be happy until this country has zero refineries. Wake up America! OMG = Obama Must Go in 2012.

  4. “requiring Sunoco to heat their waste water two degrees higher for the pleaasure of the fish.”

    Right on Cathy. Screw the fish, profits more important.

  5. Screw the fish, profits more important.

    The jobs certainly are anyway.

    Along with the gasoline needed to transport food — including healthy, nutritious farm-raised fish — to supermarkets so children can eat.

    Think of the children. What kind of monster wouldn’t want children to eat?

    And the little bit hotter water is not going to hurt the fish. Fish are doing just fine in the Delaware now.

    In fact, they are doing better in the Delaware than in the Oronico on the banks of which is where our green dreamers seem to want to have our oil refined.

  6. “And the little bit hotter water is not going to hurt the fish. Fish are doing just fine in the Delaware now.”

    I agree, but Cathy seems to be saying that the EPA is bullying Sunoco by making them heat their waste water two degrees and this will cause the plants to close.

  7. Sir, it sounds like you might have a personal bone to pick with the building trade unions? Sounds like you would be happy to see the refineries close, as punishment for past deeds. Maybe we should focus on keeping the jobs here…

  8. Cathy seems to be saying that the EPA is bullying Sunoco by making them heat their waste water two degrees

    Believe it or not, Congressman Meehan has been saying exactly that practically since he has taken office.

    Now, whether that alone is what is causing the pending closings is a fair question. The cost to the refineries to fulfill this particular mandate as cited by Meehan is $30 million, which is obviously not enough to cover the shortfall.

    OTOH, as the subject is hot water, is this the point at which the frog starts to boil?

    We have to figure out a way of saving these refineries — as much for the environment as anything — and ending unnecessary mandates are an integral part of the solution.

  9. Interessting point, when I read this it reminds me of some of our German politicians – seems like that there is not a big difference…

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