Bob Surrick Called It 26 Years Ago

Bob Surrick called it 26 years ago Bob Surrick Called It 26 Years Ago

Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer has a story about Pennsylvania’s Judicial Conduct Board and how it has become perverted to protect rather than remove corrupt or bad judges.

The impetus for the piece is the scandal in Luzerne County where Common Pleas Judges are facing charges of taking nice kickbacks for sending juveniles to private-run detention centers often for fairly minor offenses.

Anyway, with regard to corruption in the state judiciary and the way the corruption is supposed to be sniffed out, attorney Bob Surrick brought up those very same points as a member of the state’s Judicial Inquiry and Review Board 26 years ago and was roundly quoted  regarding them in newspapers throughout the state. His crusade is part of his book Lawyers, Judges and Journalists, The Corrupt and Corrupters. 

Bob Surrick Called It 26 Years Ago


Bob Surrick Called It 26 Years Ago

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