GOP Can Get Black Votes

GOP Can Get Black Votes — Commentator Larry Elders has some wise advice to Republicans about how to break the monolithic support black voters give to the Democrat Party.

“Republicans need to ask blacks, ‘Are you better off?’ Are blacks better off sending their children to assigned government schools — as demanded by the teachers unions and the Democratic Party?” he said at FrontPageMag.Com .

He said politicians from both parties treat blacks like children.

“When a Republican addresses a black audience, you can make book on how long it takes before he refers to Martin Luther King Jr.,” he said.

He said  Republicans can never win a referendum on empathy.

“Nobody can “feel your pain” like a spread-the-wealth, entitlement-expanding, “close-the-inequality-gap”leftist,” he said.

Elders said the struggle for civil rights is over and the good guys won.

“The battle now is against wrongheaded ‘compassionate’ policies,” he said. “But the most important issue — by far — is education.”

He noted that black and Hispanic inner-city voters supported a unsuccessful school choice referendum in California.

Recent movies like The Lottery and Waiting For Superman show his thinking is on solid ground.

Elders is a reluctant Republican. He was registered in California as “declined to state” until 2003 when he moved to R to support the War on Terror.

“I am a Republican with a capital ‘R,’ and a libertarian with a small ‘l’,” he has said. “I have a party membership as a Republican, not because they have any principles but because that’s the way I am the most useful and have the most influence.”

Sounds like a reasonable outlook.

Oh, and for those who don’t feel like clicking the link , Elders is a black guy.

 GOP Can Get Black Votes

No Bro List Used By NJ Dems?

Here’s a story you haven’t read in the Philadelphia Inquirer, children, or seen on the network news.

A New Jersey Democrat worker has filed a federal lawsuit charging the 2008 campaigns of Sen. Frank Lautenberg and Congressman Rush Holt, whose 12th District  includes Princeton University, with racial discrimination.

Christopher Nastuk was a canvass director for the Lautenberg campaign and his job was to find workers to go door-to-door to get out the vote. Among those hired by Nastuk were about a dozen blacks. This didn’t sit well with his enlightened bosses, who fired them a few days later and replaced with white workers whose names were distributed via email in a text document named  “no bro lists”

Nastuk was told that such workers were “demographically undesirable” in the white neighborhoods being targeted, and that he must not use people who used words like“yo, yo, yo“. Nastuk complained and was fired himself.

Attorneys for the defendants say “no bro lists” meant “North Brunswick” and the lawsuit is politically motivated.

Nastuk, a 44-year-old actor and life-long Democrat, denies this. He said he thought hard about taking action but in the end decided he had to do what was right. He is joined in the suit by Chauntay Jenkins, one of the fired workers.

Now, if the charges are true as one suspects they are one can understand where Lautenberg and Holt are coming from.  Most white Democrats are racist. Just look at the policies of the Philadelphia trade unions.

But wouldn’t white Republicans act the same way? One would grant that if a black fellow came to the door going “yo, yo, yo” and wearing gold chains, the door would likely be slammed in his face.

OTOH, if this black was neatly dressed and polite and said “we need you to vote next Tuesday,” the white Republican would be far more likely to fall to his knees and say “Thank God, the blacks are FINALLY wising up.”


No Bro List Used By NJ Dems?

No Bro List Used By NJ Dems?


Drexel Thug Life Or Culture Counts

Drexel Thug Life Or Culture Counts — A trio of young black men who are students at Drexel University in Philadelphia allegedly followed through on a convoluted plot to rob a female student at gunpoint in her apartment and are now charged with robbery, theft, assault, weapon offenses and conspiracy which are felonies and mean a pretty screwed-up life if convicted.

Two of men, Jamie Harris and Kevin Phillip, both 21 from New York City, are scholarship players on the school’s Divison I basketball team which last year  went 16-16 and finished fifth in the Colonial Athletic Association.

Harris, the team’s starting point guard and leading scorer. was a third-team, all-conference selection. Phillip was a 6-6 backup forward.

The third man, Devon Bond, 21 also, of Marlton, N.J. is said to be the one who cooked up the Keystone Crook scheme and is also charged with burglary.

The incident occurred after Bond allegedly convinced the others that a co-ed who was an acquaintance had a lot of money in her apartment. He allegedly obtained an invitation to her home and after a short conversation left with the door propped open. He then returned and short time later Harris and Phillip entered waving guns, police said. They pushed Bond to the floor in an attempt to make it appear he was also a victim, police said. No money was found so the basketball players reportedly stole two cell phones. Bond quickly followed them out, said police.

Drexel Thug Life Or Culture CountsThe accused were soon tracked down via surveillance camera footage and  credit card transactions at a nearby pizza shop, and that’s how things stand.

Authorities and others expressed puzzlement as to why young men would throw away such promising lives. Well, culture counts Sherlock. If the music to which you listen glorifies the thug life; and the magazines you read and movies you watch glamorize those who lead such lives; and your community leaders give you a wink and tell you it should be part of your experience; and if your preachers give you something other than the Gospel and tell you theft and violence are legitimate responses to the condition they tell you you’re in; and if your schools reinforce that message; and if the general media does not contradict it; and if there is no father around to set you straight; expect to be a young man facing felony charges.

Drexel Thug Life Or Culture Counts

Race, Libertarians And Democrats

Race, Libertarians And Democrats — Rand Paul, who is the GOP senatorial nominee for Kentucky and the son of America’s most famous libertarian, said on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show that  business should be allowed to discriminate with regard to how they serve customers which is something prohibited by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Section II ).

While he also defended the landmark law in general terms and condemned racial discrimination he was raked over the coals by the wolves who run the establishment media for the sake of the sheep.

Here is something to ponder: throughout America’s history every ethnic group faced discrimination from those on top at the time. This is true of the Irish, the Italians, the Swedes, the Eastern Europeans (upon who was bestowed the slur “honky”,  and, in fact, if you go back far enough was the inspiration for the word “slave”), Japanese, Chinese, Cubans and even the Germans.

All of course persevered and eventually prospered in the face of the bigots in business.

So what made the black experience different? The answer is government. Laws were passed to require that restaurants and hotels and buses have separate accommodations for blacks and whites. Officers of the law ignored with impunity crimes committed against blacks, and even at times joined in their commission. Agents of the state conspired to keep blacks from exercising their votes much less their rights to speak and lobby, often by sanctioning terror.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was progress in that it ended these things, but what if it stopped short of prohibiting business owners to be bigots? Maybe blacks would end up with the same stature in small business that they enjoy in professional sports and entertainment which were never really subject to civil rights legal action. Does it occur to anyone that businesses that refuse customers don’t survive?

Something else to ponder: the group that imposed the government oppression of blacks was not the libertarians.

It was the authoritarian, anti-business, big government Democrats. And don’t think those Democrats were just  disgruntled Confederates from the 19th Century.

Progressive hero Woodrow Wilson — the Democrat who gave us the income tax, the IRS and Federal Reserve Board — turned Washington D.C. from a racially integrated city in 1913 to a racially segregated, Jim Crow town.

Fitz Hollings,  the Democrat senator from South Carolina and ally of Bill Clinton, was the one who who started flying the Confederae battle flag over South Carolina’s Capitol to protest the civil rights movement in 1962.

Robert Bryd’s support was integral to the government take over of health care in March. The Democrat senator from West Virginia and one-time Senate Majority leader was once a recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan.

It was Democratic mayors, governors and police chiefs that turned firehoses and police dogs on civil rights marchers in the 1950s and 1960s.

If the Rand Pauls of the world ran things Jim Crow would never have existed, and if they ran things in 1964 Jim Crow  would have ended with a lot less turmoil and heartache, and blacks and whites today would be about as divided as Italians and WASPs are today.

Race, Libertarians And Democrats
Race, Libertarians And Democrats



Race, Libertarians And Democrats


William Thrasher Back On Job After Typical L_beral Sh_t

Philadelphia Police Officer William Thrasher has been reinstated with 13-months back pay after an arbitrator determined he probably didn’t utter the phrase “TNS” in the company of a Temple University journalism student on a ride-along as Thrasher patrolled a filthy, crime-ridden, no-snitch North Philadelphia neighborhood.

Thrasher is white and TNS apparently stands for “typical n_gger sh_t”

The arbitrator, Charles D. Long Jr., made the determination after the journalist, Shannon McDonald, refused to turn over her notes and in, his opinion, was “defensive, deflective and difficult” as a witness.

Thrasher was 24 at the time of the January 2009 ride-along and had two years on the force. Miss McDonald also quoted Trasher as describing the area as “disgusting” and saying “it’s like they’re animals”.

Thrasher was fired by Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey in April 2009

Now, Thrasher has denied saying TNS and said that the animal reference concerned the perpetrators of a particular homicide and not the neighborhood but just suppose he was actually guilty. Should a young man have his dreams dashed for words said in frustration?

What would Martin Luther King Jr. say?

It seems that Mayor Michael Nutter, who is black, and Ramsey, who is at least part black, missed a huge opportunity to improve race relations in a city known for racial polarization by failing to come to Thrasher’s defense.

Black leaders are going to have to come understand that racial tolerance, compassion and mercy is a two-way street.

Again, what would Martin Luther King Jr. say?

William Thrasher Back On Job After Typical L_beral Sh_t

William Thrasher Back On Job After Typical L_beral Sh_t


Does Obama Hate White People Or Is He Simply Incompetent?

Does Obama Hate White People Or Is He Simply Incompetent? — President Barack Obama checked the box on his census form “Black, African Am., or Negro” and only that box.

The Census Bureau is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce which Obama oversees as president.

Here is how the reference book created by the Census Bureau says the census race question should be addressed:

The race question must be answered for each member of the household. Mark all  boxes for the appropriate races.

Mark the “White” box if this person has origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa. This includes people who indicate their race as “White” or report entries such as Irish, German, Italian, Lebanese, Near Easterner, Arab, or Polish.

Mark the “Black, African Am., or Negro” box if this person has origins in any of the Black racial groups of Africa. This includes people who indicate their race as “Black, African American, or Negro,” or provide written entries such as African American, Afro-American, Kenyan, Nigerian, or Haitian.

Obama is more than half white as per the census directions since his mother was entirely of European background while his father’s side includes Arab blood. For some reason, however, he declined to follow his own directions by checking the white box along with the black one.

Maybe he’s just a clueless incompetent who can’t follow directions, which is the explanation to which I lean.

Or maybe he just doesn’t like white people which should be troubling to the vast majority of Americans who happen to be white.

Does Obama Hate White People Or Is He Simply Incompetent?

Planned Parenthood ‘Supercenter’ To Be In A Black Neighborhood

Planned Parenthood is preparing to open a “supercenter” this spring in Houston. It will be six stories and 78,000 square feet and have a “surgical wing” for abortions.

It will be in a Black and Hispanic neighborhood.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, believed the country would be better off with fewer Blacks (and Italians, and Slavs and Jews for that matter).

Today, Blacks, who make up about 13. 5 percent of the population, have 36 percent of abortions.

 Planned Parenthood ‘Supercenter’ To Be In A Black Neighborhood

Christopher Coates Removed From Post

Christopher Coates Removed From Post — Christopher Coates, the man  who approved the civil rights complaint against New Black Panther Party for its behavior at a Philadelphia polling place in the November 2008 election, has been removed from his post as chief of the Voting Section of the Justice Department. Reportedly he is being transferred to the U.S. attorney’s office in South Carolina.

Deputy Chief Chris Herren is now acting chief.

The complaint was made after members of the New Black Panther Party wearing  military garb waved nightsticks and made racially-tinged remarks to voters.

The incident was videotaped and widely viewed on the internet.

The complaint was dismissed in May after Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrell, an Obama appointee, overruled six career lawyers who
were recommending it go forward.

Christopher Coates Removed From Post


Why The Outrage In Lower Merion?

Why The Outrage In Lower Merion? — Lower Merion fans at a high school basketball game, Tuesday, said some rather nasty things regarding host Upper Darby which brought a response from the Royals side which eventually escalated into some extraordinary ugly and anti-Semitic statements regarding LM, which has a large Jewish population. These ugly statements included things like “We’ll write you letters when you’re in Auschwitz”.

Now, this is not something that should be ignored but since Tuesday the dinosaur media has been tut-tutting over incident and the officials from both schools have been indulging in public hand-wringing and the Lower Merion parents have been calling for the heads of the perpetrators.

All well and good but I remain amazed at the angst aimed at words chanted by ignorant teenagers at a basketball game, especially since all the groups expressing it — dinosaur journalists, school officials, Jewish parents, Lower Merion Township, Pa. — voted overwhelmingly for President Obama.

And President Obama is someone:

–Whose spiritual adviser blamed all the problems in the Mideast — and 9/11 to boot — on Zionism and whose institution bestowed upon Louis Farrakhan, the Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter Award.

–Whose FCC diversity officer called the reign of Hugo Chavez — who appears to be leading a pogrom in Venezuela“really an incredible revolution”

–Who couldn’t bring himself to lend even moral support to opponents of the rabidly anti-Semitic Ahmadinejad regime after they were cheated out of an election. BTW, did you see where Iran just  occupied an Iraqi oil well? What will President Obama do?

You can’t fault people for being fooled which may have been the case last November. By now, however, you would think they would take some of that ire aimed at teenage stupidity and point it at something of consequence.

Why The Outrage In Lower Merion?

Ashley Fox And The Banality Of Evil

Philadelphia Inquirer NFL columnist Ashley Fox, today,  expressed approval of commentator Rush Limbaugh being removed from consideration from owning a part of the St. Louis Rams.


She  wrote that he was not qualified to own an NFL team because he was too controversial and that he insulted Donovan McNabb in 2003 when he said he was not a good a quarterback as the consensus opinion and that the media was protecting him because he was black.


What isn’t fine is that an act of extraordinary evil occurred and she refused to express outrage much less even recognize it.

It quite reasonable and defensible to think McNabb is overrated — there were those who thought John Elway was overrated — or was protected because he was black.

It is not, however, defensible to believe that the murderer of Martin Luther King Jr., a decent and heroic man, deserves a medal. It is not defensible to think that slavery was beneficial. One who says those things is despicable.

Rush was reported as saying those things by major media outlets and national political figures. It was that reporting that likely lost him his bid. He never said them. There are those who still believe he did.

Ms. Fox in her column chose not address this wrong — and actually perpetuated a distortion of his statement regarding “Bloods and Crips” She used her space to write a banal column accepting evil and injustice.

What she did was a disgrace.

She should hang her head in shame.

Ashley Fox And The Banality Of Evil

Ashley Fox And The Banality Of Evil