Delco Daily Times’ Bizarre News Choice

The Delaware County Daily Times (Pennsylvania), today, Oct. 17, featured on their front page a photo of a Springfield, Pa.’ man’s Halloween decoration which was a plastic skeleton hanging from a tree garbed in an Obama/Biden shirt. Inside was a  long story discussing whether it was racist.

Apparently some of the man’s neighbors who are Democrats and who may very well have worn similar shirts are upset. It is a white neighborhood it should be noted.

One wonders if they would be just as upset if the skeleton was wearing a Romney/Ryan shirt. One wonders if it would be a front page story if it were.

Actually, one doesn’t.

On the other hand one does wonder why there wasn’t a peep about the beating of a 15-year-old girl by nine teenage boys after an Interboro football game Monday night that is making national news. There are not a lot of details as to what might have motivated the attack in the CBS story. Think it could have involved racism? Wonder if there will be a discussion.

One thought on “Delco Daily Times’ Bizarre News Choice”

  1. Recentl, I have realized that things are only considered recist when a white person does them. If there was a man of another race who hung out a Romney shirt, nobody would complain about it being racist.

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