Chipping Away At Freedom

Chipping Away At Freedom

By Bob Small

If you have to carry a card in your pocket (or pass on your phone) proving you injected a drug into your body to gain access to grocery stores, receive medical care or to freely move about society than you no longer live in a free country and you are no longer sovereign over your own body-And that should concern everyone-regardless of political party or medical choices.
Venessa Leianne

This even enters into the magical world of sports, and Flyers and Sixers fans will need proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

The average Philly Sports fan has a deservedly confrontative reputation. Would either of these fan-groups meekly agree to provide this information? Well, we humans have a way of rationalizing behavior to achieve certain
ends, and this means we’ll use whatever means we need for our ends.

Chipping Away At Freedom

Taking this a step further, would we agree to implanting a Flyers or Sixers “chip”, especially if this included free Flyers or Sixers merchandise. Surely no one would agree to this, surely.

In 1997, former 76ers basketball player Charles Barkley became infamous, for throwing a man through a bar window. When asked by a Philly sports radio show host why he threw him through the first floor window, he allegedly said “Because I wasn’t on the damn second floor.”

Even though he was no longer playing in Philly, we all supported him for being a “Philly guy”.

I’ve had the two vaccines so I have the card. However, I can’t think of any activity which is that important that I would give up my private information just so I could- So I’ll miss going to concerts, Poetry Readings, restaurants, sports, when not zoomable. And I will miss some of this.

Also, I’ve decided not to get a booster after inhaling the Robert Kennedy, Jr, book via my wife, who quoted from every chapter. (I’m busy reading Finks by
Joel Whitney about writers who were seduced by the CIA. This way I’ll know which mid-century writers not to read.)

Chipping of humans is either happening or being proposed in France, Mexico, Sweden, the UK, and numerous other countries. My favorite article, from October 2017 is Don’t Trust the Chinese to Make Microchips for the Military.

Chipping Away At Freedom

2 thoughts on “Chipping Away At Freedom”

  1. How true and scary these thoughtless “trusting and controlled” socialist people are that go along with all this freedom takeover, that were once our own thought out decisions to make. Now a false, fake bought out, lying “government? and their owned media” takes away our rights and freedoms and is now giving of few privileges that they now control only to those obeying their whims that have proven unsuccessful results, keep your masks on even if all are “safely” booster ed and are in the same area, keep your distance still, and take your chips when they come out for sure while watching the country failing, someone else has got to do something to save us.
    It is getting past the time to unit together and stop this life destructive take over of our countries and freedoms by the greedy ultra rich and their bought out getting super rich greedy lying puppets.

  2. There is a parallel economy emerging. My philosophy is simple. If you support freedom and liberty I will support you. If you do not, expect no sympathy from me, let alone my business.

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