Christmas Towns In Pa Top List

Christmas Towns In Pa Top List Bethlehem, PaBethlehem, Pa. at Christmas Time. has named the top 17 Christmas towns and Bethlehem, Pa is number 1.

“Bethlehem has gained its name of “Christmas City U.S.A.” because it’s completely dedicated to keeping big business out of the holiday season, and sticking to original Christmas traditions,” Impulcity says. “It seems like there’s something going on every day of December to get people into the holiday spirit.”

Impulcity specifically cites Christkindlmarkt and the “epic” gingerbread competitions.

It should also be noted that Paradise, Pa. in Lancaster County ranks number 5.

“It holds the National Christmas Center of America, which even has its own store and 20,000 square feet of exhibits,” says Impulcity.

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Christmas Towns In Pa Top List

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  1. We’re proud of our town, but I have to say that the Downtown Merchants Associations German Christmas market is more authentic than Artsquest’s Christkindlmarkt. The merchants’ market is a collection of booths along Main Street downtown. They started it, when Artsquest moved their market, which is held in a big tent, from the field behind the Hotel Bethlehem, along Main Street, to the Steel Stacks facility across the river and a mile away from Center City. The outdoor market is exactly like Christmas markets in German towns and has that character. Oh, and you don’t have to pay to visit it. Christkindlmarkt charges admission.

    1. Delaware County doesn’t have anything great. Media is kind of nice at Christmas but it is no super special

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