Con-Con Is Con?

Con-Con Is Con? — Nineteen states have approved having a Constitutional Convention with legislation pending in another 21.

A convention lets state legislatures bypass Congress with regard to amending the Constitution and is authorized by Article V of the Constituion.

Two-thirds of the states, or 33, must approve for the convention to happen.

The convention would draft amendments which would then be returned to the states of which three-fourths, or 38, most approve for them to take effect.

Patriot groups are divided. Some think a convention would allow billionaire plutocrats to buy off delegates and rewrite the entire Constitution to their liking.

Others says a convention would be limited to the subjects of a convention’s petition, which concern generally uncontroversial things like congressional term limits, placing restraints on federal spending and limiting the the power and jurisdiction of Washington, D.C.

We are inclined to agree with those who think the event would not be dangerous as approval of three-quarters of state legislators is still required even if conventioneers go off track and the Supreme Court ignored precedent and allows it.

On the other hand, we don’t see much point in having one either.

The Supreme Court, after decades of ignoring the will of the people, have begun reining in the tyrannical behavior of the alphabet agencies, and the people are waking up to the lies of the mockingbird media, which played the role of Grima Wormtongue to their moneyed masters.

The better use of time and energy should be winning elections at all levels, returning to parents control of education, and creating a new media.

A Convention of the States is not necessary.

Con-Con Is Con?
Con-Con Is Con?

One thought on “Con-Con Is Con?”

  1. I totally agree that a Convention of States is unnecessary, but even more, is unwarranted and totally dangerous. Moreover, this is an especially dangerous time for any real conservative truthseeker who believes in upholding the Constitution to tinker with the Constitution. First, consider: What good will ensue from giving those who are already NOT upholding the Constitution, new laws to break? It’s like making new laws for criminals to uphold. Secondly:
    Although many claim that any proposed changes will have to be ratified by the requisite 3/4ths of the states, how many State legislative bodies do you really think are upholding the Constitution, and can be counted upon to do the right thing? If you can produce the list of those august legislators in power with the courage and integrity to do so, I’d like to see that list. Otherwise, if you firmly believe in the honesty of judges, state legislators and Congress to follow and uphold their sacred oath to the Constitution, I have several bridges for sale for you to choose from.

    The Leftists who claim they hate the idea of a Convention of States, are doing a headfake on you; dig deeper for the clues on this #DoubleConJob

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