Covid VAERS Data Accessible On Patriot Online

Covid VAERS Data Accessible On Patriot Online — Delco, Pa. data scientist Gregory Stenstrom downloaded the Covid-19 stats from the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), Aug. 27, as a csv file and put it on Patriot.Online.

Stenstrom is the co-founder of social media site, which is growing fast enough to be perceived as a threat by Facebook.

You can download Stenstrom’s work here and open it in any spreadsheet. It’s sorted by age so the youngest are the first. Why would anyone give this vax to an infant?

Here is a sample. Click to enlarge.

Covid VAERS Data Accessible  On Patriot Online
Covid VAERS Data Accessible On Patriot Online

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  1. My daughter and I went to NYC yesterday (Saturday 9/4) for a march from Madison Square Park to Times Square to bring awareness about the deaths and injuries that are caused by the COVID vaccine. Worldwide there have been more than 630,000 injuries and 14,000 deaths according to the CDC VAERS, Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System. But only about 1% of the cases are actually reported.
    At Times Square there were several speakers. One of them was a doctor from America’s Frontline Doctors. Besides telling us that the treatments such as Ivermectin are effective, he also said that anyone who had COVID “without symptoms” cannot pass it to anyone else. In effect, he was saying that COVID without symptoms really doesn’t exist. Also, taking Vitamins C & D3, zinc, magnesium, and potassium will boost you immune system.
    Afterwards, we had vigil for those who died and were injured by the vaccine. Such sad stories.
    A couple lost their 32 year-old son, Ben, who died within 12 hours of receiving his first shot of the vaccine. He was a healthy 32 year-old man. His heart had been severely damaged in that short amount of time.
    Another young woman, also healthy, now has brain clots and seizures from getting the vaccine.
    Please, do not get the vaccine. It doesn’t matter which company made it. They are all toxic.

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