Cows Call Greenhouse Gas Charges Udderly Ridiculous

Cows Call Greenhouse Gas Charges Udderly RidiculousHere is a recent news release from Progressives for Immigration Reform.

Cows are uniting around the world to push back against claims that agriculture and animal husbandry need to be targeted to significantly lower greenhouse emissions. Translating for the cows, Kevin Lynn, Executive Director of Progressives for Immigration Reform said, “Cows are one of the most underappreciated groups in the world.  They aren’t the problem.  It’s people.  Population growth.  More people mean more cars, more infrastructure, more consumption, more electricity, more greenhouse gases.”

Moreover, Governments across the western world want to reduce fertilizer use by 50% which will also adversely impact cows. Leading cow intellectuals contend that “in 2020, nitrous Oxide (N2O) accounted for about 7 percent of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from human activities.” The impact of farming is de minimis in the greater scheme of things. From a strategic standpoint it makes little sense to put 3,000 farms in the Netherlands, a country just a bit larger than the state of Maryland out of business given the result could lead to not only higher food costs – but famine!

For more than a decade, PFIR has represented the interest of cows and today proudly represents more than 94 million bulls, steers, cows and heifers. 

We must now ask ourselves where will the cows go when their farms are put out of business?

A study conducted by PFIR in ten major rural markets across America involving 1,500 cows found that less than 1% of cows drive SUVs, fly on jumbo jets or live in McMansions.  Cows have petitioned members of the World Economic Forum (WEF) which to date has refused to engage.  The WEF has openly promoted the notion that cows are creating more than their fair share of greenhouse gases. 

Lynn continued, “How much longer are unelected power brokers like Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and activists like Bill Gates, going to milk this issue?  Human activity and U.S. population growth are fueling greenhouse gas emissions.  And population growth is driven by mass immigration.  You don’t see any cows crossing the border.”   

Cows contend that the lifestyle of humans such as those who jet off to attend conferences such as COP27 at ritzy resorts, along with an Open Borders agenda of too many, is what’s driving greenhouse gas emissions.  And they’re fed up with being blamed.  

“It’s time to show cows the appreciation they deserve and put the cow critics out to pasture,” said Lynn. “Reduce human activity.  Slow mass immigration.  Then we can all breathe a little easier.” 

  To see the video, click here or watch below.

Cows Call Greenhouse Gas Charges Udderly Ridiculous in Raucous Video
Cows Call Greenhouse Gas Charges Udderly Ridiculous in Raucous Video

4 thoughts on “Cows Call Greenhouse Gas Charges Udderly Ridiculous”

  1. If they get rid of cows, it’s not only about the beef. There will also be no milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc. That’s why we don’t have to worry they’ll actually go through with this latest lunacy. Once people have “herd” of this problem, they will certainly “moooove” on!

    Merry Christmas, Bill and all the readers!

  2. Merry Christmas, Bill!

    I completely agree with Kevin Lynn and with Mary Hickey. No it is not just about beef, but I am not going to stop eating steak, burgers, meatballs, etc. And I cannot do without cheese!

    Although I am not worried that they will do away with all products derived from cows, I am wary of the manufactured “meat” that is being experimented with in labs. Also, I am not about to eat “meat” made from plants, including soy. If everyone doesn’t already know, over doing on soy can cause breast cancer as well as other related cancers. Soy is a source our bodies can use to make estrogen, in both women and men! And yes, men also get breast cancer.

    Scary stuff, this lab manufactured crap. Remember COVID was man-made.

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