Daniel Wassmer Is Keystone Party Senate Candidate

Daniel Wassmer Is Keystone Party Senate Candidate

By Bob Small

Daniel Wassmer is the US Senate candidate in Pennsylvania for the new Keystone Party

“The fact that two parties control all of the dialogue in the US creates a fundamentally flawed system in which ordinary people are left out of the process and the entire political environment becomes a supercharged example of partisanship,” Wassmer said in an Oct. 22 email interview.

He expressed concern about misuse of the legal system especially with regard to appeals and voting.

Daniel Wassmer Is Keystone Party Senate Candidate
Daniel Wassmer

“Evidence of this manipulation is the perpetual lawsuits followed by both political parties to exclude voters,”  he said.

He said this is often used to exclude third parties.

“People need to understand how corrupt our system has become and who created that atmosphere,” he said.  “Continuing to vote for corruption is not addressing these concerns but merely perpetuating it!”

In a discussion with GoErie.com he made these points:

“Abortions are a medical decision to be made solely by a woman and her doctor.”.

“May I also point out that supposedly hyper environmentalist Jimmy Carter is largely  responsible for freeing gas production in shale deposits here, (regarding fracking)”

“I would prefer to see Coca-Cola and Pepsi banned since we lose more people every morning to diabetes related comorbidity (regarding gun control)”

He sees himself as “an adult in a playground of chaos who will speak the truth..”

Wassmer received a J.D. from New York Law School in 1989, after degrees from Adelphi and Utah State Universities, etc.  He states he has worked as an adjunct professor, artist, and scuba diving instructor. 

On his Facebook page he said that “Also for the record I had reached out to the Oz campaign to debate him in the event that Fetterman was unable.”

For further information about his candidacy:

https://www.facebook.com  ›  Wassmer4USSenate

Daniel Wassmer for US Senate – Facebook


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