Delco Dem Refugee Resettlement Scheme Spawns Petition

Delco Dem Refugee Resettlement Scheme Spawns Petition — The new all-Democrat Delaware County Council started its term, Jan. 8, by voting 5-0 to send a letter to the Department of State, directing them to authorize “refugee resettlement consistent with the authorization provided by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

A petition is being circulated to stop the madness and you can sign it here.

What Pennsylvania’s Democrats want to stick us with is the Pennsylvania Refugee Resettlement Program (RRP) which provides federally-funded services to refugees in accordance with federal statutes and regulations and the Commonwealth’s State Plan.

So does this help starving children fleeing religious oppression? Frankly, it seems more likely to bring in MS-13.

The Pennsylvania Refugee Resettlement Program provides a continuum of employment, educational, case management, health, and financial support services to newly arrived refugees in the Commonwealth. So rather than helping newlyweds, single moms, the elderly or veterans it seems far more likely that it will make the newlyweds, single moms, the elderly and veterans help MS-13.

its services include:

  • Employment Programs
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) programs
  • Targeted Assistance
  • Interpretation and Translation
  • Citizenship Preparation courses
  • Asylee Outreach Project
  • Services to Older Refugees
  • Information Referral
  • Unaccompanied Refugee Minors Program
  • Vocational ESL for Cuban and Haitian refugees
  • TANF employment and training programs

Sign the petition. If someone in the Pennsylvania swamp — likely Democrat but not necessarily – tries to make you feel hardhearted about not wanting to give your hard-earned resources to assist those whose need is dubious and who have presented an historic danger, ask why they are not giving their far greater and not-so-hard-earned resources to you.

Update: We have been told that the Democrat-controlled Chester County Board of Commissioner has also consented to refugee resettlement.

Delco Dem Refugee Resettlement Scheme Spawns Petition
Delco Dem Refugee Resettlement Scheme Spawns Petition

One thought on “Delco Dem Refugee Resettlement Scheme Spawns Petition”

  1. All PA Elected are elected to provide services for USA PA Citizens NOT illegal immigrant alien undocumented invaders that Gov. Wolf FRAUDULENTLY IDENTIFIES AS REFUGEES. WE PA CITIZENS already are overburdened by PA’s horrendous taxation matters particularly to support our public education entities via the unfair, unjust, antiquidated school real estate tax ALL DUE to PA Governor and PA General Assembly “kick-the-can down the road” AND CAVALIER CONCERN TO WE THE OVERTAXED BY our tax and spend and spend more and tax more quid pro quo elected officials. ALL PA CITIZENS PETITION TO STOP OUR ELECTED FROM AIDING & ABETTING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT ALIEN UNDOCUMENTED INVADERS WITHIN PENNSYLVANIA NOW. PA ELECTED OATH OF OFFICE DUTY IS TO PA CITIZENS ONLY.

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