Delco Dems Plan Precinct Power Grab

Delco Dems Plan Precinct Power Grab — We have it on good authority that Democrats that control Delaware County, Pa. are planning a power grab designed to give them forever rule.

What is in the works — and is supposed to be in place by the November election — is the consolidation of precincts into massive voting districts.

Where this has happened namely in Oregon, Washington, Colorado and California, has been the disenfranchisement of voters unaligned with the ruling “credentialed” class.

The first target is reportedly Republican-leaning Aston.

For the record, the state Election Code limits precincts to 1,200 voters which is still too high. A good rule of thumb is that the election workers should be familiar with most of the voters.

Where is the outrage from the county Republicans?

Delco Dems Plan Precinct Power Grab
Stick it to the man and fight the power, Delco. It’s your heritage
Delco Dems Plan Precinct Power Grab

6 thoughts on “Delco Dems Plan Precinct Power Grab”

  1. “Where is the outrage from the county Republicans?”

    Where indeed, there is a reason its called the Uniparty.

    This MUST be stopped! Period.

        1. What a snooze fest. Poorly attended and over in less than an hour. The bulk of the meeting was spent lavishing praise on the historical society.

          I entered my comments regarding the Democrat scheme to further erode our election integrity into the public record.

          More people need to show up, stand up, speak up and hold our elected officials responsible before we completely lose our once great nation, if we haven’t already.

  2. The Delco Board of Elections deny that consolidation will happen this year. If that is the case, why did the county change the Administrative Code in such a way as to allow it. Why has Christina Iacono, who advises PA legislators about elections, told Aston officials about the plan, and why has it been discussed multiple times in Delco Council and BOE meetings. Is the plan to get the legislature to change the statute first?

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