Delco Fights Dropbox Camera Request And Loses

Delco Fights Dropbox Camera Request And Loses — The Pennsylvania Office of Open Records has ruled that Delaware County must supply all video surveillance — including body cameras — of ballot drop boxes from the 2020 election.

The request was made by county resident Patricia Bleasdale.

Further, the county must provide the procedure for Board of Election review of video surveillance, and the name of the vendor of the software used to evaluate and identify repeat visitors to drop boxes across all locations.

Also required to be surrendered are the policy/procedure, manuals and memoranda addressing the video surveillance requirement — including verbal directions — governing the preparation and installation of the boxes along with the movement and storage of the boxes through midnight, Nov. 8, 2020.

Well done, Pat Bleasdale.

Now ask yourself all former teenagers, why would the county fight this?

Just a thing to make you go hmmmm.

And while on the subject of Delco drop boxes wouldn’t it be nice to see the surveillance logs from 2022? How many suspicious incidents were noted by those watching? How many times were patrol cars sent to investigate something?

Surely 42 locations watched 24/7 for a month would have warranted something noted as unusual.


Delco Fights Dropbox Camera Request And Loses
Well Delco make history again?
Delco Fights Dropbox Camera Request And Loses

2 thoughts on “Delco Fights Dropbox Camera Request And Loses”

  1. Totally awesome! Many thanks to Patricia Bleasdale for picking up the cudgels on this issue, and fighting the good fight!

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