Delco GOP Senators Aye On Subcontractor Extinction Act

The Republican-controlled state senate, yesterday, voted 34-13 to approve HB 400  a.k.a. the Construction Workplace Misclassification a.k.a. the Subcontractor Extinction Act. The bill returns to the House to resolve some language issues.

Of the 19 Democrats in the body, the only one not voting for it was Barry Stout of the 46th District who did not vote. Fifteen out of 30 Republicans voted for the bill including the ones representing Delaware County — Ted Erickson of the 26th District and Domenic Pileggi of the 9th District. Not voting was Chuck McIlhinney of the 10th District.

The 45th District seat is vacant.

The bill  requires independent contractors doing construction work to be treated as employees by those who hire them with regard to requirements for workman’s compensation and unemployment insurance contributions.

Republican David Argall of the 29th District voted for the bill in committee but against it on the floor.

The bill was strongly supported by the trade unions and opposed by by the Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association, National Federation of Independent Business, Pennsylvania Builders Association and Pennsylvania Chamber of Business & Industry.

The bill was introduced in the House by Delaware County’s Bryan Lentz (D-161 ) who is the Democrat’s candidate to replace Joe Sestak as congressman from the 7th District. His Republican opponent is former U.S. attorney and Delaware County District Attorney Pat Meehan.

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  1. Dominic Pileggi has received at least $100,000 in union contributions since May

    Dominic Pileggi had $1,012,175.23 in the bank as of the report filed 30 days after the May 2010 Primary

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