Dem Delaware County Hypocrisy

Some tidbits recently gleaned concerning this November’s battle for the Pennsylvania Legislature reveal that when it comes to hypocrisy the Keystone State’s Democrats take second place to no one.

The Democrats nominee to fill the 26th District Senate Seat being vacated by Republican Ted Erickson is John Kane, who is business manager of Plumber’s Local #690. Kane, gritty man of the people, has a taxable income of $277,000.

Sure is sweet to be a union official. He says he is not quitting if he should win the race and will keep the $80,000 salary that comes with the seat along with the other bennies.

That wouldn’t quite make him a one percenter but it would likely put him in the 2 percenter category, which is where he probably is now.

His opponent is Delaware County Councilman Tom McGarrigle, who grew up in Springfield, attended a public vocational high school and runs a well-liked garage.

Meanwhile, the D’s picked a full-blown one-percenter to challenge long-time incumbent Bill Adolph for the 165th District seat in the State House.

The candidate, Charles Hadley, is a retired venture capitalist from Radnor who apparently has a net worth of over $100 million.

If you want your freedom and don’t want to live in a land where you have to kiss the rings of the rich and connected vote Republican.

Dem Delaware County Hypocrisy

Dem Delaware County Hypocrisy

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