Detroit Residents Face Foreclosure

Detroit Residents Face Foreclosure
Thank you liberals, for all you have done.

Today, March 31, is the deadline for property taxes to be paid on 62,000 Detroit homes else they will be owned by the county, in this case the County of Wayne, Michigan.

Granted only 18,000 of the delinquent  homes are occupied but assuming a three-person household that’s about 8 percent of the city’s population which is now down to 688,701. In 1950, it was touching 2 million and Detroit was considered one of the world’s great cities.

What happened? Democrats. Motown was run by Republicans in its glory day up until 1962.

Property taxes, of course, are a local tax used to fund services such as police, schools, and spa massages for the mayor.

For what it’s worth, Detroit public service retirees expecting a stable financial future have already taken a big hit. It’s something Pennsylvania public workers ought to recognize in working to resolved this state’s existing crisis. In any battle between ink on paper and reality, reality wins.

Detroit Residents Face Foreclosure

One thought on “Detroit Residents Face Foreclosure”

  1. They;re going to take away the spa massages from the mayor.? How awful! They should never allow this to happen!
    I’m going to move to Detroit and vote for the Democrats. they’ll have a solution to the problem.

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