Environmentalism Causes Wildfires

Environmentalism Causes Wildfires — President Trump in August proposed harvesting dead trees from California’s forest. It was a win-win to thinking people. There would be less wood to burn in uncontrolled blazes and more wood to be used for construction and consumer products.

Unthinking — or maybe cynically thinking — people objected of course. Unthinking people have long been objecting.

With the continuing disaster in the Golden State — at least 70 dead and 1,000 missing as of today (Nov. 17) — because of the wildfires, hopefully there will be less unthinking people.

We don’t have to stop with lumber, by the way. The dried grass and brush is fuel. Why not use it for power. Europe does. Guess if environmentalism becomes your religion you lose the ability to think outside the box.

It seems, though, that controlled burning in filtered plants is going to cause a lot less greenhouse gas than what is going on now.

Environmentalism Causes Wildfires

Environmentalism Causes Wildfires

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