Frightened Hillary Gives Durham Cred

Frightened Hillary Gives Durham Cred — The Durham Investigation is revealing that the Clinton campaign of 2016 not merely spied on the Trump campaign but attempted to falsely connect it to Russian interests using corrupt federal law enforcement and boot-lickers in the establishment media.

Doubt it’s happening? Think it’s all going away as past probes have? Look at this photo of Hillary taken yesterday, Feb. 15, in New York by the Daily Mail and see if your mind is changed.

Frightened Hillary Gives Durham Cred

Hat tip Jenna Ellis

Frightened Hillary Gives Durham Cred

One thought on “Frightened Hillary Gives Durham Cred”

  1. Finally, but will anything actually be done or are they still above the law, I sure hope not. Hopefully they get Biden and Obama too if they NWO/WES and Soros have not bought off all the judicial.
    Watching how they are all behind the real President (Trump) taken on by this non law and order bought out judges taking from many years back all his accounting business, and tax filings going through their whole families finances, publicly releasing lies. It would be obvious in a real justice system, that most of the lawyers and the justices are all bought out by the Clinton’s and this is a total farce. Now they should take apart the Clinton’s finances totally, Obama’s and Biden’s and many more of these elite CCP UN “swamp creatures” no law and order countries need lawless controllers like them. It should all be charged they should not legally sell out whole countries to their puppet masters.

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