Fructose Makes One Hungry

A study is claiming that high-fructose corn syrup  is less likely to decrease  one’s hunger. This means one is likely to keep eating even after the acquisition of calories.

This means one is going to get fat.

Glucose — which comes from starches and is mostly produced commercially from corn starch — does not appear to have this tendency as per the study.

The subjects of the study were given pure glucose and pure fructose.

High-fructose corn syrup contains about equal parts glucose and fructose as does table sugar so it would appear unlikely that table sugar (sucrose) is a safe substitute.

Traditional corn syrup would be mostly glucose.

The study was performed by Dr. Kathleen Page at the University of Southern California.

The Corn Refiners Association said the study doesn’t count because it wasn’t in a natural setting.

Fructose, by the way, is what  naturally sweetens peaches, plums, berries and honey.

Fructose Makes One Hungry

Fructose Makes One Hungry

3 thoughts on “Fructose Makes One Hungry”

  1. I like to use local wild honey for sweetening my tea and my hot cereals, and I use sugar only in baking. I think we digest and metabolize the sugars in honey in such a way that is helpful to our systems, rather than that it overloads them. Plus, I do believe in the benefit of locally collected honeys, to help with allergies, since they contain pollens from the area where the bees collected the nectar.
    And I always remember something Jeff Smith quoted in one of his shows, from a New England pastor, I think, in the early 1800’s, “Rather honey, made by honest labor, than sugar, which comes from the hands of slaves.”

  2. Good points.

    To eliminate fructose (honey, sugar) entirely from one’s diet is the pointless diminishing of one’s quality of life.

    OTOH, high fructose corn syrup as an ingredient in packaged food is something about which to be aware.

    And probably avoided.

    1. Hail fructose! It is an essential ingredient in super market pies.
      The delicious inexpensive ACME apple pies are load with fructose.

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