Gale Loudly Objects To 2nd Consecutive Montco Tax Hike

Gale Loudly Objects To 2nd Consecutive Montco Tax Hike — Montgomery County, yesterday, Dec.15,  approved a budget calling for an 11 percent tax hike over the strong objections of Commissioner Joe Gale who is the mandated minority Republican.

Gale Loudly Objects To 2nd Consecutive Montco Tax Hike
Joe Gale, not a lapdog

The hit to the citizens was even greater than last year’s 9.87 percent tax hike.

Yes, the budget includes a new tax category dedicated to fund Montgomery County Community College.

Montco will spend $409 million in 2017 which is $18 million more than this year. The average home owner will pay $66 more.

Chairwoman Valerie Arkoosh called Gale “irresponsible” for daring to object to the budget, while Commissioner Josh Shapiro — who will be Pennsylvania’s next attorney general — said failing to pass the hefty tax increase would require the county to cut (county) jobs, funding for the community college and reduce pension payments.

Gale responded by outlining $7 million in cuts that would eliminate few jobs, keep spending to this year’s level and eliminate some contracts with favored consultants leaving the majority red-faced.

They passed the budget anyway, however.

The people of Montco are not stupid. Someone in government that is not a quiet lapdog but loudly warning the people of what is being taken from them could actually cause a change in power.

That would be nice.

Gale Loudly Objects To 2nd Consecutive Montco Tax Hike

4 thoughts on “Gale Loudly Objects To 2nd Consecutive Montco Tax Hike”

  1. Passing a budget increase that is almost 10 times the rate of inflation shows just how clueless these Democrat Commissioners are!
    Time to drain the Montco Swamp

  2. “The people of Montco are not stupid.”

    Actually, I think most of them are, because they elected these commissioners in the first place. The county used to be relatively conservative, especially the upper end of the county (where I grew up, in Harleysville, Lower Salford Township), but now, people vote for things that make them feeeeeeeeeel good. They voted for Daylin Leach, for example. No, they get what they deserve, and then can learn now that elections have consequences.

  3. Do the people know how much the county will be spending on making the grounds around the courthouse like a new park do we need it. Valerie Arkoosh ,Kenneth Lawrence Jr. The last amount that we were told was $400,ooo,ooo.00 plus. Do we need a park downtown? Help put stores in the county seat. Did the people of the county vote on that? I didn’t

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