Gliobastoma Battle Described On Radio Maria

Josh Comeau is a 36-year-old father of five in Indiana who is fighting an aggressive form of brain cancer with prayer and all the weapons of modern medicine. Brittany Maynard, a young woman with the same cancer, attracted international attention when she announced plans to commit suicide under Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act.

She took her life last month but Josh and his wife, Rosary, have chosen Life with Dignity instead. Josh will join Janet Morana on Gospel of Life tonight, Dec. 16 on Radio Maria. Tune in at 6 p.m. ET.

Gliobastoma is a formidable adversary. Few people survive, even with treatment. But on the day Josh was diagnosed, he posted this on his Facebook page: “A new lease on life. Praise God.”

“God has plans for Josh, I really believe that,” said Rosary. “The cancer is just the beginning of that plan.”

Josh has undergone surgery and radiation, and is going through a grueling chemo regimen now.

The couple doesn’t know what lies ahead, but they know they are not alone in their fight.

For a list of Radio Maria stations or to tune in to “Gospel of Life” on the Internet, go to  Tablet and smart phone users also can download a free Radio Maria app so they can listen to the show wherever they go.

Anyone with a question for Josh, Janet or Father Frank is invited to call in during the show to 866-333-6279 to speak to them on the air. Those who would prefer not to be on the radio may email questions to

The show will be rebroadcast at 2 a.m. ET Thursday and midnight ET on Sunday. All the shows are archived at .

Gliobastoma Battle Described On Radio Maria

Gliobastoma Battle Described On Radio Maria

Gliobastoma Battle Described On Radio Maria

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