GOP Can Get Black Votes

GOP Can Get Black Votes — Commentator Larry Elders has some wise advice to Republicans about how to break the monolithic support black voters give to the Democrat Party.

“Republicans need to ask blacks, ‘Are you better off?’ Are blacks better off sending their children to assigned government schools — as demanded by the teachers unions and the Democratic Party?” he said at FrontPageMag.Com .

He said politicians from both parties treat blacks like children.

“When a Republican addresses a black audience, you can make book on how long it takes before he refers to Martin Luther King Jr.,” he said.

He said  Republicans can never win a referendum on empathy.

“Nobody can “feel your pain” like a spread-the-wealth, entitlement-expanding, “close-the-inequality-gap”leftist,” he said.

Elders said the struggle for civil rights is over and the good guys won.

“The battle now is against wrongheaded ‘compassionate’ policies,” he said. “But the most important issue — by far — is education.”

He noted that black and Hispanic inner-city voters supported a unsuccessful school choice referendum in California.

Recent movies like The Lottery and Waiting For Superman show his thinking is on solid ground.

Elders is a reluctant Republican. He was registered in California as “declined to state” until 2003 when he moved to R to support the War on Terror.

“I am a Republican with a capital ‘R,’ and a libertarian with a small ‘l’,” he has said. “I have a party membership as a Republican, not because they have any principles but because that’s the way I am the most useful and have the most influence.”

Sounds like a reasonable outlook.

Oh, and for those who don’t feel like clicking the link , Elders is a black guy.

 GOP Can Get Black Votes

2 thoughts on “GOP Can Get Black Votes”

  1. There were a lot of black guys who helped support the slave industry too. The slave catchers always came in riding on the back of a domesticated house negro.

  2. John — There were a lot of black guys who helped support the slave industry too.


    It’s time for a Nate Turner to rise against the teachers union and Planned Parenthood!!!!

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