GOP Had Good Election Night?

GOP Had Good Election Night? — Matthew J. Brouillette, who is founder, president and CEO of Commonwealth Partners Chamber of Entrepreneurs, Inc, has a column at The Hill saying that Nov. 5 was actually pretty good for the Republicans in Pennsylvania.

Or MAGA anyway.

Megan King won a state-wide race for a seat on state Superior Court — despite a long wait for Philly votes to be tallied. More significantly six counties, went from Democrat to Republican.

The flipping to Democrat of the century-long Republican strongholds of Chester and Delaware counties made the news but these places had not been bastions of conservatism for a long time, and Delaware County, maybe never. Its congressional representatives included Bob Edgar and Joe Sestak after all.

Check out Matt’s column.

The long wait for the Philly votes in the state race does not give us something to look forward to next November. Another observation is that the top Superior Court vote-getter was Democrat Daniel D. McCaffery, the only man in the race. We suspect it was due to gender-based voting. Call it sexist but we’ve noticed the same thing work to the lady’s advantage when she was the only representative of her sex on the ticket.

MAGA is not about identity politics. It’s about putting the citizen first and keeping promises. Sex, race or anything else is irrelevant.

It’s what makes it different than the other side. The globalists and the socialists of whatever party seek and need division. They use, sex, race and anything else to cause it. It is their ticket to power.

GOP Had Good Election Night?

GOP Had Good Election Night?

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