Healing Of A Disabled Woman

Healing Of A Disabled Woman — Moreover, in this infirm woman, it is like the figure of the Church which presents itself when it has fulfilled the measure of the Law and of the resurrection, in this endless rest, raised to the summit of greatness, she will no longer be able to experience the curvature of our infirmity. And this woman could be healed only be means of the Law and grace: The Law by its precepts, in baptism, and the grace by which, dead to the world, we are resurrected for Christ; for in the ten words is the completion of the Law, in the number eight the fulness of the resurrection.

So this work of a Sabbath signifies what will happen: Whoever has fulfilled the Law and grace will be rid of the miseries of this crippled body through the mercy of Christ.

This is why sanctification was first given in the figure by Moses, because the practice of future sanctification and spiritual observance was to abstain from works of the century.

Even God rest from the works of the world: not of (all) works, since activity is perpetual and continual, as the Son says: “My Father is still working now, and I too are acting” (John 5:17), so that the example of God will cease for us in the works of the world, not those of religion.

It is for lack of understanding that the head of the Synagogue did not want anyone to be healed on the Sabbath while the Sabbath is the image of of future recreation.

So it is not the good works but the bad ones which are idle.

Ambrose of Milan

Courtesy of Holy Myrrh Bearers Church in Swarthmore, Pa.

Healing Of A Disabled Woman

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