Independence Hall Foundation Endorses Health Act

Independence Hall Foundation Endorses Health Act — After agonizing deliberation, the 12-member board of the Independence Hall Foundation is announcing, today, (March 24)  its support for the American Health Care Act–with reservations.

“President Trump’s recent ultimatum suggesting that today may be the last opportunity to repeal ObamaCare has given greater urgency to the passage of this bill,” said Foundation spokeswoman, Teri Adams.

“For years, our organization has strenuously opposed ObamaCare, in every aspect, and we welcome the opportunity to replace it with free markets solutions–such as Health Savings Accounts and insurance competition across state lines.

“While the AHCA doesn’t achieve all of our immediate objectives, it’s a good first step in a three-pronged approach.

“AHCA eliminates the detested ObamaCare mandates (employer and individual); repeals taxes on insurers, medical devices manufacturers, and pharmaceuticals; reduces costly federal subsidies; encourages Health Savings Accounts; gives states more flexibility and control–especially in relation to Medicaid; and ends funding for Planned Parenthood,” said Ms. Adams.

“The architects of this legislation have promised a follow-up to this bill which includes two additional phases. Phase 2 would entail action on the part of the administration to initiate regulatory changes and provide the states with even greater administrative flexibility.

“The final phase, Phase 3, is the one we greatly support but have reservations regarding the will of Congress to enact at a future date–and that involves allowing health care insurers to compete across state lines.

“In order to achieve this objective, such a bill would have to clear a 60-vote filibuster proof majority in the Senate and we’re not confident that the votes are there.”

“All in all, though, we can’t keep second-guessing Congressional leaders and the Administration. We must act.

“We trust they have brought forth this legislation in good faith. Let’s pray it succeeds–for the good of the people and our nation,” said Ms. Adams.

Independence Hall Foundation Endorses Health Act

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  1. Gee, thanks for this Teri. A little late on the uptake don’t you think? Worthless endorsement!

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