Independent Candidates In Pennsylvania

Independent Candidates In Pennsylvania

By Bob Small

There are two independent candidates on Pennsylvania’s 2022 ballot.

James Love Jackson and Rob Ronky are challengers in State House races, running against candidates endorsed by the major parties.

Rob Ronky is running in the 29th District against Tim Brennan (D) and Diane Smith (GOP).

The 29th District is in Bucks County and includes Buckingham, Doylestown, Solebury, Chalfont, New Britain and New Hope.

Independent Candidates In Pennsylvania
Rob Ronky

Republican incumbent Meghan Schroeder decided not to seek re-election in February.

Rob’s career includes stints with Dream with Ukraine.

“I would support open primaries where people can vote across party registration and I would support a national primary,” he says.

He says he wants more money spent on infrastructure including bike lanes and sidewalks.

He wants “kids to be taught a second language earlier than 8th grade” though he doesn’t advocate for a specific language,

He cites him mother and his wife as his role models.

Much the way Dr. Oz has advocated he says “we need officials that can come up with a compromise”.

The other independent candidate is James Love Jackson from the 190th Pa House District. He seems to be running a stealth campaign as there is very little information on him in the internet, besides his name.

Independent Candidates In Pennsylvania

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