Is Sestak Prepping For Gov Run?

Former Congressman Joe “How Can We Miss You If You Don’t Go” Sestak appears to have gotten over his narrow senate loss to Pat Toomey and is sowing the seeds to take on Tom Corbett in 2014 to replace him as Pennsylvania’s governor.

Sestak received a standing O at the Democratic State Committee’s meeting last week and PoliticsPa.Com has heard from several sources that he discussed such a run at the event.

It should be noted that a year ago the Committee rejected him for Arlen Specter as their boy in the primary and that in return Joe described the committee as “an insider group”.

A spokeswoman for Private Citizen Sestak confirmed to PoliticsPa.Com “that he wants to do public service in some way” albeit she did not confirm that he is preparing a gubernatorial run.

And of course, he still has a spokeswoman.

Hat tips to PoliticsPa.Com and PaWaterCooler.Com

7 thoughts on “Is Sestak Prepping For Gov Run?”

  1. It never fails to crack me up when I hear a politician refer to holding an esteemed and posh office as ‘public service’.

  2. “A spokeswoman for Private Citizen Sestak confirmed to PoliticsPa.Com “that he wants to do public service in some way” “

    Then get a job and actually serve the public instead of running for office and trying to control the public. I suggest butcher, baker, candlestick maker. Plumber, carpenter, accountant, truck driver. Waiter, cook, busboy. They all serve the public, evidenced by the fact that the public is willing to pay for their services.

  3. Hopefully Gov. Tom Corbett will follow the path being blazed by his neighbor Chris Christopher.
    The ex-sailor will then have to row his own boat and live on his pension and whatever campaign funds fools throw at him.
    Cair will also probably office solace and contributions. Those folks really like Sestak.

  4. Bill – yes we all liked the article you wrote but we really dislike Sestak!

    This man, (Sestak) likes himself almost as much as OBAMA likes himself. That is a pretty scarey scene. What can the voters do to either discourage him or ‘knock him out’ if he does run?

  5. OMG, I thought the good Admiral moved to Virgina and we were rid of him for good. Rest assured that The Delaware County Patriots will enthusiastically work against him if he chooses to run again.

  6. Cathy so using your logic all of the 82nd airborne are the citizens of North Carolina. And only citizens of Ca, Ore, etc are allowed in the Pacific Fleet.

    A member of the Military keeps his Residency in the state that he left. This line never worked for Weldon.

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