James Waltzer Of Sound Mind Great Read

James Waltzer Of Sound Mind Great ReadIf one seeks a new author put James Waltzer on the list. His new book “Of Sound Mind” is a page-turner.

“Of Sound Mind” is a revision of “Sound of Mind” which had originally been published in France and then published by a small house in the U.S.

The new version from Medallion is much improved and worthy of a best seller list.

“Of Sound Mind” is a thoughtful, intelligent thriller. The protagonist, Richard Keene, is a haunted young man cursed/blessed with an ear condition that provides extremely sensitive hearing and an exceptional sense of balance. He overhears a murder in his Center City Philadelphia apartment building and the game is on.

The Philly flavor is rich which is another bonus for those living in the area.

“Of Sound Mind” can be favorably compared with Jonathan Kellerman’s Alex Delaware novels. Hopefully, this is the first in a series of Richard Keene novels.

It can be purchased on Amazon, and other online booksellers and we recommend it.

James Waltzer Of Sound Mind Great Read

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