Joe Biden Lurks

Joe Biden Lurks
Will he be the D nominee?

Joe Biden Lurks — We are going to make a prediction that Hillary Clinton will not be the Democrat candidate on the presidential ballot this November.

This is not one of those prognostications that one should bet the farm on and take to the bank. In fact, we figure there is a¬† 49 percent shot that the Bwicked Bwitch will be the donkey nominee. But that still means we think the odds are that she won’t so we have crawled out on our limb.

So will it be Bernie Sanders? The corporate cronyists that control the Democrat machine want a sincere socialist even less then does the American people. We think they will succeed in torpedoing him, unlike the cronyists in the RNC did with the USS Trump.

So who will it be? Well, Joe Biden lurks and he is a tame sock puppet. Now, Cousin Joe is not very bright and he has serious family issues but he’s likeable and popular with Middle America.

Hopefully, The Donald has a contingency for dealing with him.

By the way, did you see where Trump has now taken on Jeff Bezos of Amazon and vice versa? Bezos who keeps the Washington Post alive as a useful tool has sicced 20 of the paper’s operatives on Trump. Trump notes that Amazon benefits from tax policies that are unfair to other retailers and has been escaping anti-trust enforcement. He notes that his election would change that status.

Joe Biden Lurks


6 thoughts on “Joe Biden Lurks”

  1. Well, this is more like a confirmation of a scenario floated late last year. I think Biden can very easily win the Democrat nomination, if it comes to it, but I think he’s an even weaker candidate than Sanders would be, even weaker than Indictment Hillary ought to be, if we had a truly conservative Republican candidate.

  2. I just spent 6 hours on the car driving from a fishing trip listening to talk radio (Sirus,et al).
    IMO all Republicans and freedom loving voters should actively support Trump.Stop snipping Glenn Beck,stop whinng Kristol,stop Rhinoing Ryan…. Queen Hillary The Crooked must be stopped.

    1. The biggest RINO of all is Donald Trump.

      Trump is a lifelong liberal Democrat and supporter of Hillary for President in 2008.

      How dare you lecture lifelong conservative Republicans, such as myself, about getting behind a narcissistic demagogue and celebrity con artist that is Donald Trump.

      I’d rather sit in a room full of excrement and urine then sit at a table with that vile excuse of a man who dodged the draft 5 times, called avoidance of venereal disease his own personal Viet Nam, and said McCain and POW’s were not heroes.


      Hillary Clinton–not Joe Biden–will be the Dem nominee and she will become the first Madame President because of the Republican fools who voted for Trump in the primary.

      There were other choices–but Trumpettes were all busy being so angry at GOP candidates, like Rubio, who could actually defeat Hillary and persuade young Americans, Latinos, and others on the importance of conservative principles such as limited government, free enterprise, a strong defense, and the dignity of all human life from conception until natural death.

      Trump supporters have set the conservative movement and the Republican party back to the pre-Reagan era.

      Whether Democrat Trump or Democrat Hillary wins, you have immeasurably hurt our nation.

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