Joe Biden Racist Supporters Now Include Richard Spencer

Joe Biden Racist Supporters Now Include Richard Spencer — Democrat Presidential contender Joe Biden has a long and troubled history of racism. He wrote laws that penalized possession of crack cocaine, the drug of choice for poor blacks, far more harshly than powered cocaine, the then drug of choice for hip whites.

Some irony here considering the photos of his son Hunter found on the laptop he forgot he left at The Mac Shop, a Wilmington, Del. computer repair store.

Joe Biden Racist Supporters Now Include Richard Spencer
White privilege exemplified

He crafted the 1994 Crime Bill — which until 2015 he called the Biden Crime Bill — that gave life-long sentences to those convicted of minor crimes.

The injustice wasn’t rectified until President Trump signed The First Step Act on Dec. 21, 2018.

Joe Biden referred to former Ku Klux Klan leader Robert Bryd as a friend and mentor, and was a close ally of White supremacist Democrat Sen. James Eastland of Mississippi.

Even other Democrats have pointed out Biden’s troubling past — at least when it seemed opportune.

And now Joe Biden has gotten the endorsement of racist Richard Spencer, who was among the White nationalists that President Trump said “should be condemned totally” for the Charlottesville riots.

You know that President Trump unambiguously condemned the neo-Nazis and White nationalists right?

Racist Planned Parenthood is also a huge supporter of Biden, as are the those who seek to trap poor kids in horrific schools by opposing school choice.

If you are a racist, Biden is your guy.

Joe Biden Racist Supporters Now Include Richard Spencer

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  1. It is amazing how the Dem jackasses twist everything that is Biden and apply it to President Trump. They really are that deranged. It is almost scary, except that President Trump will be reelected and the truth will be seen.

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