Joe Grace Ends Daily Times Deliveries

Joe Grace of Springfield, Pa., who has been bringing us the Delaware County Daily Times for about as long as we can remember included a note on his familiar green paper that he will no longer be our carrier as of Nov. 1.

“Due to circulation dropping over the years and modern technology (cell phones, iPads, computers etc. . . .) it has become necessary for me to retire the newspaper delivery service.”

He included an early Merry Christmas wish.

Merry Christmas to you, Joe, and God bless you. You were great. We will miss you.

Joe Grace Ends Daily Times Deliveries

Joe Grace Ends Daily Times Deliveries


One thought on “Joe Grace Ends Daily Times Deliveries”

  1. Good bye Joe. You’ve been great and will be greatly missed.
    It appears that the new look isn’t working, but life goes on. Hopefully, for the sake of everybody at the Times, success will be right around the corner.

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