John Ashe Black Lives Matter

John Ashe Black Lives Matter

John Ashe Black Lives Matter

So, who was John Ashe? He was the president of the United Nations General Assembly in 2014. He was accused of taking bribes from Chinese developer Ng Lap Seng for various schemes and charged with such.

Seng was a friend of the Clintons and had been involved with shady deals with that shady couple.

Ashe died in a tragic barbell accident in his home on June 22. He was just 62.

He had been scheduled to begin pre-trial meetings with federal prosecutors concerning the bribery charges.

We think his life matters. His death too.

John Ashe Black Lives Matter

3 thoughts on “John Ashe Black Lives Matter”

  1. Your life doesn’t matter a plug nickel, if you’re a friend of the Clintons and you get a subpoena. They’re like Jimmy Burke, once the feds started investigating the Lufthansa heist.

  2. Nothing to do with him being black. He was corrupt, but his death is extremely suspicious and sad. He ended up broke after living the high life at the UN. Can’t pin it on the Clintons, Chinese heavies also an option.

    1. Police ain’t investigating it as suspicious. Chicoms can’t screw with police investigating.

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