Ken Lawrence Responds To Rape Allegation

Ken Lawrence Responds To Rape Allegation — Pauline Braccio tells us that Montco Commissioner Kenneth Lawrence has finally got around to responding to her claim that he raped her in 1990. He said at yesterday’s (June 20) Montgomery County Commissioner meeting that the allegation is false and it never happened.

OK, Ken what is false and never happened? That you and Pauline did not attend Montgomery County Community College together in 1990? That you were both in student activities? That you did not attend a school sponsored student-activities retreat together in the Poconos?

In an affidavit and numerous public statements, Pauline says she was pressured into taking a single drink at a party after which she passed out and woke up on a path to her cabin with you penetrating her.

Is that what you are saying didn’t happen?

Hmmm. Pauline says that when she returned to school stories were spread that she got drunk and misbehaved at the retreat, leading to an admonishment by a faculty advisor and general shaming.

Is that what you are saying didn’t happen? Be careful, that’s something that can be corroborated. What also can be corroborated is if Pauline had a history of drunkenness and hard partying. Do you really want to go there?

We think you did something vile in 1990 and truly harmed a person’s life. A one-off statement without addressing the specifics is not going to change our mind.

Ken Lawrence Responds To Rape Allegation
Ken Lawrence Responds To Rape Allegation

4 thoughts on “Ken Lawrence Responds To Rape Allegation”

  1. Thank you, Bill for posting this! You are one of the good guys. Not too many of you out there.

    1. While Ken replied to my claim, it was Marianne, who asked the question. Ken answered her AFTER she was removed from the podium and after I went up and they silenced me immediately and removed from the podium.

      Interesting the way he responded. I said at the first “Conversation with the Commissioners” town hall in Upper Merion on April 9th, directly to Ken Lawrence: “Eric drugged me. You raped me. It happened. It was you!”

      By the way, the video of the meeting has not been posted. Usually the video is posted the same day or the very next day. What is the delay? They are editing it. Can’t wait to see what they come up with. If you saw it live-streamed or recorded it, you will be able to compare.

  2. A shocker one-liner statement from someone like Ken, *sarcasm*. I too saw Pauline’s affidavit statement and heard her testimony. She was/is telling the truth. Had all the details that checked out and description that anyone who has suffered sexual assault would personally relate to and affirm, especially after being drugged (similar to Bill Cosby’s victims). It’s the Dem playbook to deny and of course our establishment Rs do the same thing but they accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of. I pray for Pauline that she may find inner peace and so brave of her to come forward with the evidential truth. We applaud and stand with Pauline.

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