Ladies Who Lynch With Mary Gay

Ladies Who Lynch With Mary Gay
Is she sane? Seriously?

Ladies Who Lynch With Mary Gay — Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon, the divisive Democrat who represents Pennsylvania’s 5th District, is holding a town hall 3 p.m., Sunday (Oct. 20) at Strath Haven High School, 205 S. Providence Road, Wallingford, Pa., 19086.

Maybe next week she can look into Russia’s other LOL assets Jill Stein and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI).

Apparently she will be attempting to drum up support to impeach President Trump, well, just because.

Don’t be surprised if most of those attending Mary Gay’s ladies-wh0-lynch event to be defenders of the President and democracy.

Lynch With Mary Gay

4 thoughts on “Ladies Who Lynch With Mary Gay”

  1. I really think she should have had her Rally at the college, since she lives right down the street. They would have welcomed her with open arms. As it is, my friends and I are furious that the school where our kids go/went allowed this. I guess she used her influence as former Board President to get the ok. This has been her mantra all along “Impeach Trump”. What a shame she’s using her position to influence people while secret inquiries are being conducted behind closed doors. We hear only what they, the Democrats, want us to hear with people like Mary Gay working on the sidelines to get what they want, what they have always wanted – impeachment. At all costs.

    1. I agree that these type of events should not be held at public school facilities. It sends the wrong message to the community. It’s sad that her efforts are focused on impeachment rather than doing her job. Hopefully the voters will remember that next election.

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