Lee Wachtstetter Lives On Crystal Serenity

Lee Wachtstetter Lives On Crystal SerenityThe Crystal Serenity is the home of 86-year-old Lee Wachtstetter.

Call it seven years before the buffet.

Lee Wachtstetter, 86, has spent the last seven years living on the Crystal Cruise Line’s Crystal Serenity.

She began the lifestyle after the death of her husband of 50 years, Mason, a banker and real estate appraiser.

The Wachstetters loved cruises and did 89 before Mason’s death. She said that before his death from cancer in 1997 he told her “Don’t stop cruising.”

She described her life as a “stress-free, fairy-tale.”

The crew knows her well and calls her “Mama Lee”.

It cost her about $164,000 per year.

She says she rarely gets off the ship now but whenever it docks in Miami — about five times a year — she visits her sons and their families.

She says is in daily contact with them via a laptop.

Crystal Cruise Lines say three other women have made their homes on their vessels.

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One thought on “Lee Wachtstetter Lives On Crystal Serenity”

  1. Dear Mrs. Lee Wachtstetter,
    I applaud you for “living the dream”. When my 91 year old Mom became ill after my Dad’s death, I took her to a casino resort with celebrity impersonators, slot machines and lots of upbeat, helpful people. I will never regret it and I say “You go, girl!”
    I am a 66 year old widow who hopes to Crystal Cruise. meanwhile, I hope you enjoy and celebrate Life as an inspiration to us all.
    If I had your email address, I would email you this but hope it reaches you.
    Janice Uible

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