Libertarian Immigration Statement By Dale Kerns

Libertarian Immigration Statement

Libertarian Immigration Statement
Dale Kerns

By Dale Kerns
Let’s be honest here. First, I’m on the same side of this issue, for the most part, as Senator Bob Casey. However, for different reasons. I’m against blowing up innocent people, destroying countries that didn’t attack us, and cre- ating terrorist organizations with our own foreign policy (and have spoken out for nearly a decade). I was also against the Obama administration when they created these bans against Muslims in the past. Trump didn’t start this trend, Obama did. Obama bombed these countries every day of his presidency. If people wouldn’t had seen this from Trump, Bob Casey would not be getting involved; because thousands of people wouldn’t be protesting. He’s coming up for re-election so he’ll go where the crowd is at.

The Presidency is not a dictatorship, and we should fight this no matter which party is in control. Our message as Americans must be consistent, even if our own party is the party that is wrong. President Trump is out of line and acting as a dictator would, but so was President Obama. If we fought for peace for the past decade, this ban on the countries we’ve been in unconstitutional war with would not be an issue. But if we were not fighting a specific person in office, we honestly wouldn’t be hearing about it in 2017 either. We need to look within ourselves and start questioning the people we’ve voted for, instead of blindly following them down the road to serfdom.

-Obama White House stopped processing Iraqi visas for six months in 2011.

-In December 2015 signs bill restricting foreigners who would normally be deemed eligible for a visa waiver were denied if they had visited Iran, Syria, Sudan or Iraq in the past five years or held dual citizenship from one of those countries.

-In February 2016, the Obama administration added Libya, Somali and Yemen to the list of countries one could not have visited.

Dale Kerns of Ridley is running as a Libertarian to replace Bob Casey as U.S. Senator.

Libertarian Immigration Statement

3 thoughts on “Libertarian Immigration Statement By Dale Kerns”

  1. It’s great to criticize those who don’t meet one’s standards but one can’t really call it courageous when one knows that those on the receiving end aren’t going to retaliate much less, well, cut off your head.

    Trump’s immigration policy is legal and constitutional and very much appropriate. We’d argue that it’s necessary.

    It is not religious discrimination but values discrimination.

    It is imperative that all those who believe in freedom — much less a merciful and loving God — be willing to condemn all who claim a divine privilege to lie, rape, enslave, torture and murder.

    It is also imperative that all who refuse to specifically and vocally condemn this claim to divine privilege must be kept from these shores.

    It is not complicated. It must be recognized that Sharia law is a bad thing and has no place in this country.

    Thank God for Donald Trump.

  2. Just as American citizenship conveys the inherent belief in the western rule of law and an implicit agreement to abide by it, so should any attempt to immigrate into this country. Common sense, therefore, dictates time spent vetting those attempting to immigrate.

    Isn’t it time to redefine the soft rhetoric of the left and look at the specifics of what “fighting for peace” really means–the Libertarian “label” doesn’t give you a pass to pick and choose your rhetoric without fully fleshing out your logic.

    It should be made clear that President Trump’s so-called “ban” is actually a 120-day moratorium on immigration from country’s previously identified by the Obama administration as not able to provide necessary background information on potential immigrants to ensure their peaceable intent in immigrating here.

    One problem in Mr. Kerns’ statement is that he characterizes this moratorium as a ban on Muslims, regardless of who first undertook action. By mis-characterizing the facts as well a the intent of recent immigration changes, Mr. Kerns is enabling those with a violent and radical agenda to infiltrate this country, mixed in amongst those who wish only to enjoy the peace and freedoms that law-abiding Americans enjoy.

    Many American Muslims themselves have recognized the need to more fully define what it means to be a Muslim–I suggest Mr. Kerns become familiar with the Muslim Reform movement. As M. Zuhdi Jasser wrote in the National Review: “To that end, freedom-loving Muslims need their own declaration of principles. Such a Muslim declaration can not only chart a course for reforms but also become the centerpiece of thnking on almost every other policy question on which Muslim leaders, mosques, and organizations are working for the protection of universal human rights, versus those antagonists or apologists who are working against us…”

    If American Muslims themselves recognize this reality, why in the world shouldn’t it be reflected in a more careful vetting policy toward Muslim immigrants?

    Like it or not, Mr. Kerns, careful vetting of immigrants is part and parcel of “fighting for peace” in our 21st century world, just as important as any Constitutional use of American ground troops and perhaps even more so. In fact, wouldn’t earlier identification of those who wish us harm on our own soil avoid the kind of 911 tragedies that expand conflict on foreign soil?

    Sorry, Mr. Kerns, but if you want to position yourself as a thoughtful middle ground between Republicans and Democrats, you’re going to have to flesh out specifics of exactly what your policy is–tired, empty rhetoric doesn’t really make you any different than past political choices, does it?

    Yes, Bill Lawrence, thank God for Donald Trump.

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