Liquor Privatization Clears Hurdle 2013

Liquor Privatization Clears Hurdle 2013 — The Pennsylvania Senate at 1:20 this morning, June 29, voted 27-23 on party lines with Republicans as ayes to approve a revised plan to privatize the sale of liquor.

The deadlock was broken after Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi (R-9) offered this amendment.

The bill  allows Pennsylvania’s 1,100 retail beer distributors to buy permits to sell wine and liquor and grocery stores with beer licenses to be able to get a permit to sell wine, Bars will be able to sell three six-packs instead of two and distributors will be allowed to sell six packs now. Local brewers will be able to see their wares at farmer’s markets.

Democrat Shirley Kitchen of the 3rd District tweeted “this is a purely political move at a political time.”

Gov.Tom Corbett thanked the Senate and said he looks forward to signing the bill, which still need reconciliation with the one passed by the House.

Liquor Privatization Clears Hurdle 2013

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  1. The 21st century is calling and I can’t wait to see which politicians ignore the public and cave in to Wendell Young’s powerful UFCW union when the Senate and House bills go to conference.

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