Lisa Esler Challenging Mullen In 161st Race

Lisa Esler Challenging Mullen In 161st Race
Lisa Esler, Republican

There will be opposition to the Joe Sestak-supporting union president picked by the Delaware County Republican Party to fill the 161st District State House seat being vacated by Joe Hackett.

Lisa Esler, a Penn Delco school board member  and Republican, will hold a press conference 10 a.m., Monday, June 15,  at the Delaware County Court House,  201 W. Front St. , Media, Pa., 19063, to announce a write-in campaign.

Mullen Sestak
Party pick Paul Mullen (right) campaigning with Democrat Joe Sestak against Pat Toomey.

“I am challenging the Delco GOP’s candidate because in my role as school board director, I have seen how Harrisburg is tainted by special interest lobbyists,” Mrs. Esler said. “As the head of the AFL-CIO in Delaware County and the business manager for the IBEW,  (Paul) Mullen is the poster child for special interests.  Further, Mr. Mullen has supported liberal Democrats in the last two major election cycles—his union supported Barack Obama and Bob Casey and Mr. Mullen personally supported Joe Sestak and John Kane.  That the Delco GOP machine would favor a man who is, for all intents and purposes a Democrat, is a slap in the face to every Republican in Delaware County.”

Hackett quit his legislative post, April 30, after easily winning re-election last fall saying he wanted to return to law enforcement. Mullen, ironically, was a Penn Delco School Director in 2007 before also quitting, suddenly and mysteriously, well before the end of his term.

“Harrisburg needs legislators who will fight for the taxpayers—not the special interests,” Mrs. Esler said. ” There are many cost saving measures that could be implemented. We need people who are willing to stand up to the lobbyists and the party machines and work for the taxpayer.  That is my pledge to the residents of the 161st district—I will work for you.  I am in this race to win and hope the people of the 161st will give me the opportunity to go to Harrisburg and work for them.”

A non-GOP-endorsed Democrat candidate is expected to be announced by the end of the week.

The election is Aug. 4.

3 thoughts on “Lisa Esler Challenging Mullen In 161st Race”

  1. Interesting that Mullen was on the school and quit suddenly and mysteriously. That sounds rather strange and I think it would be interesting to know just why he left so suddenly.

    1. Donald, Hackett said he wanted to leave Harrisburg to go back to law enforcement. The question was why did Mullen leave the school board post so suddenly and mysteriously long before his tenure was up.

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